Daily Positive Affirmations

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I Am a Great Communicator

“I am a great communicator because I focus on what others have to say rather than dominating the conversation. People look up to me not because I have impressive things to say, but because I have great listening skills. People appreciate the time and attention that I give them. I talk at the right time and people pay more attention to what I say because I’m attentively listening to what they have to say. When I talk less and listen more, others are more willing to hear what I have to say, as compared to when I talk more and listen less. I am a great communicator because I use empathy in my conversations and feel the other person out. This is especially true when they are in pain and emotional turmoil. I am a great communicator and others appreciate my presence! This is one of my daily positive affirmations.”

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Daily Positive Affirmations – I Speak With Confidence

“Every day, even when I’m not feeling well, I make my best effort to speak with confidence. Speaking clearly and intelligently allows me to feel good about myself. People respect me because I speak with confidence even when I’m not in the best mood. My mood does not represent the way I speak, because I separate the two. When I feel low, I still speak with confidence. When I feel happy, I speak with even more confidence. Speaking with confidence is important because it improves my communication skills. People respect great communication skills because it portrays leadership. They desire a great leader who can show them the way. People want to be shown the way because they want an easier life. When I speak with confidence, I make my life and others’ lives easier.

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Gray-Hearted Individuals

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People Who Get Under Your Skin

We have all experienced being around people who get under our skin; there’s no avoiding it. These individuals roam the world like wild flock, crossing your path at predictable and unpredictable times. Some of these people you have to work with and see them on a daily basis while others randomly come and go. Whatever the situation, almost anyone will agree that they are a pain in the ass to deal with. Not only do they get under your skin, but they get under many people’s skin.

One thing to keep in mind is that attempting to understand where they come from will do you no good in the long run; you’ll often never find out. You may ask yourself why. The reason is because they will not change their perception and attitude towards you; if they haven’t after a month, six months or a year, then they never will. So why bother wasting your energy attempting to under them?

I call these people gray-hearted individuals because it’s not clear whether their hearts are filled with love or hatred. A lot of times, it feels like they are in-between; on some days you are able to sense some love while on others, all you can feel is anger, jealousy, envy and hatred. One thing that you know for sure is that their hearts are not full of love because otherwise, they wouldn’t be rude and mean to you in the first place.

People who carry a lot of love in their hearts do not consistently get under your skin. These are the people who you can feel their love radiate not only onto you, but onto everyone in the room as well. These are the people who even if you don’t have much in common with, you can sense that they are loving human beings. Remember that you don’t have to have something in common with someone who is loving.

But these gray-hearted individuals are bitter and lack a heart full of love. If they feel threatened in any way by you, they are quick to jump on your back to stab it a few hundred times; it’s almost an automatic response for them because they have been doing it their entire lives. On the other hand, if you get on their good side, they decrease their attacks on you, but at what expense are you willing to sacrifice your sanity to get on their good side? If you can do it by still being yourself, then that’s what you call emotional intelligence!

What is your experience like with these gray-hearted individuals?

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Different Personalities

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Everyone Is Different

If you expect the people around you to behave and respond in a way that you always prefer, then you will never find peace and comfort within. You will run into many different people in life, some ripe and some rotten. It’s not about controlling those around you, but controlling yourself and learning how to deal with your surroundings in a healthy way.

Some people are just uncomfortable to be around with: they may be verbally aggressive, manipulative, give off bad vibes or simply make you feel uncomfortable. If you try to battle through your interactions with these types of people, it’s almost guaranteed that you will feel miserable.

You want to arrive at a place where you are being yourself, but while also knowing how to effectively interact with difficult people. This means that you should want to learn how they function and what buttons to avoid pushing. This strategy is for protecting yourself and making your relationships easier to handle.

But you don’t want to be fake or adopt a different character. You want to make it on their good side, while still being yourself and upholding your opinions, values and beliefs. Just because someone is naturally more stern and uncomfortable to be around with, does not mean that you have to make a “wardrobe character change.”

Emotional intelligence is the ability to successfully interact with different personalities that life puts into your presence. Those who are emotionally intelligent experience many trials and errors: something that works with one person may not work with another, and on and on until success is achieved.

Trial and error provides you with experience and knowledge on how to deal with different human beings. But the most important point is to always be yourself! After all, what’s the point of making it on someone’s good side at the expense of your true self? At best, you’ll feel superficially comfortable and internally miserable.

Just be yourself.

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Flexibility With New Relationships

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The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

Meeting new people is part of life; whether you like it or not, it will happen. New people will repeatedly be introduced into your life and you will have to learn to become flexible in your interactions with them. Flexibility is the ability to change so as to adapt to different circumstances.

Flexibility does not come very easily for many people; old patterns and ways of thinking are sometimes difficult to break. Some people will push your buttons and you will have to know how to adjust; maintaining old patterns can be counterproductive and even destructive.

Being flexible is a form of emotional intelligence; it demonstrates that you are able to adopt a leadership role and serve others in time of need. Emotional intelligence and excellent communication are vital for you to improve your status, relationships and to form new connections!

Do not view flexibility as a negative requirement; take it as an opportunity for self-growth and adjustment. The more opportunities you have at becoming flexible, the more pattern recognition you will experience, and this will help you manage difficult situations with more ease. But most importantly, always stay true to yourself no matter how flexible you become!

The DSM Ready Movement is about helping us improve our relationships, adopting flexibility and working together to elevate each other to higher states of mind!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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