The Destructive Nature Of Binge Drinking

Two young women holding beer bottles and binge drinking

Slowly Killing Your Happiness

Binge drinking is defined as 5 drinks for men in one sitting at least once in the last 30 days, and 4 drinks for women in one sitting at least once in the last 30 days. The psychological rush that binge drinking brings is what reinforces the behavior. It is not the same as drinking every day like an alcoholic does.

Binge drinking brings upon a rush before one even consumes the first drink. Just the thought of “going out tonight” and getting intoxicated reinforces the behavior. This is followed by “pregaming” or drinking multiple drinks before arriving at the event. The pregaming part can be especially addicting!

Pregaming is exciting because it sets up one’s mindset for the evening, especially if one is in a good mood to begin with! The act of “chilling” with your friends and slowly becoming intoxicated while sharing stories is very pleasurable. This usually lasts for 1 hour at most, followed by the actual partying.

Once at the final destination, large amounts of drinks are consumed to the point of becoming drunk. At this point, one slightly loses touch with reality and is in a state of mind focused only on pleasure. This pleasure can be flirting, dancing, talking or sexual interactions.

The worst part is the hangover the following day. Besides the physical symptoms, the hangover can put you in a depressed mood, make you feel guilty or anxious and just makes you feel bad in all possible ways. The hangover day has basically one goal: to get through the day and wake up the next morning at one’s baseline.

What is destructive about binge drinking is that “this weekend” I did this, so “next weekend” I would like to do that! Memories are a very powerful experience, whether good or bad. It is memories and experiences that motivate one to keep binge drinking; the more one does it, the greater the tendency to repeat the behavior.

Avoid binge drinking. If you enjoy alcohol, then just stick to a few drinks at most.

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