The Dark Side Of The Moon

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8/27/20 Dream Analysis

  • Unknown location (dream I): I was in a house with two big sliding doors overlooking a parking lot. I noticed a man in the parking lot looking at me in surprise and two men beating an innocent man in the street who was confronting them. It felt like I was in Florida or something. The man in the parking lot jumped over the gate and fled while the other two were most likely hiding the body. I pulled the shades down and hid under my bed thinking that they would come to kill me too. Later that night, I was eating in the bedroom with two other guys when we noticed a familiar man pulling up in a van in the parking lot; we thought it was them who were back to kill us because we were witnesses to their murder and suspicious activity. Someone threw me a gun and I went in the backroom to warn my dad that they were here and to get himself ready and the dog and head for the car out back. I ran downstairs to the basement to get a shotgun for my dad (I also noticed a Chinese guy named James from medical school coming up) and then as I got back upstairs, someone was walking in the hallway saying “hello?” I did not see the person.
  • Unknown location (dream II): I was driving my Mercedes quite fast on very wet highways that were surrounded by many streams and marshes and there were no railings between the highways and streams. I then lost control of my car and I ended up flying with the car and landing perfectly on an island in a young man’s rich property. I noticed my car was actually a lambo. I knocked on the door of the mansion and a young man with his girlfriend answered. I told them what had happened and if they could help me get off this island. The young man agreed to take my car while his GF agreed to drive me in hers. Then something happened to the young man because supposedly there was something evil at play. I was then stuck with his GF and it was either me or the young man who had turned into a vampire and was getting ready to wake up.
  • Unknown location (dream III): I heard a scary voice that almost sounded demonic saying, “go awayyyy” and then I woke up to the noise of a loud truck outside that actually made a car’s alarm system go off.

Freud is known for saying, “dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.” Does anyone have any takes on the dreams mentioned above? Feel free to share you dreams as well.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Utilize The Information From Your Dreams

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Field Of Hopes And Dreams

The first few minutes after waking up are crucial to memorizing your dreams; the more time you allow to pass, the farther away your dreams drift off. Immediately after opening your eyes, make an effort to replay your dreams in your conscious mind.

Replaying your dreams in your conscious mind will reinforce the content and make it stick with you longer throughout the day. If you are really motivated, you can have a journal on your nightstand and write down the dreams right after waking up.

Sigmund Freud stated, “dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.” It is believed by many psychologists that dreams are jumbled up thoughts representative of your unconscious mind. The key is to try to make sense of the messages delivered in dreams and learn something from them!

By analyzing your dreams, you can learn important information about your personality and the way you view the world. However, dreams cannot always be taken literally; most of the time, they have to be deciphered to extrapolate potential meaningful information.

Many times, dreams can provide wonderful feelings and images of people in your past or maybe even in your future! The dreams do not have to represent actual people who you know; they can be people you do not know but who provide a warm and loving feeling in the dream.

Utilizing information from your dreams takes much practice. We have become so good at ignoring our dreams upon awakening that it almost does not even matter to us. Therefore, you need to become motivated to remember your dreams and care enough to analyze them.

But once you do, you never know when you might strike gold!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)