Diversifying Your Days

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Preventing A Repetitive Lifestyle

The importance of diversifying your days cannot be stated more clearly. This applies to people of all regions of the world, whether poor or wealthy or living in an urban or remote environment. Repetition in regards to the layout of your day is never good: it promotes boredom, temptations to use substances and even mental health problems.

Repetition is great when it comes to tasks: getting better at certain activities, improving your work performance, getting stronger in the gym, mastering your serve in tennis, etc. But the same repetitive tasks performed every single day without any diversity, may prove to be terrible for your well-being.

No matter how fun and exciting certain activities may be, if you do them every single day without changing things up, they will get old, causing you to become bored. When people get bored, guess what magically starts crossing their minds? Substance abuse. Drugs (including alcohol) are very enticing tools to get rid of boredom and to enhance activities, especially the ones that have been performed countless times.

The solution is to change your routine throughout the day: maybe start listening to different genres of music, go out with a friend on a random Tuesday evening, practice group mindfulness, order out from Seamless, write a blog post, etc. You don’t have to go overboard with this suggestion, but definitely try diversifying your days from time to time.

It might be a little difficult at first, but once you start incorporating new activities throughout your days, you’ll start to really feel the positive effect on your mental health: you’ll feel happier, more at ease and more appreciative of your time and process in general. As with anything in life, it might take a little nudge for you to get going, but it’s well worth it once you apply diversity into your life.

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