Go For What You Want In Life

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Wake Up With Determination, Go To Bed With Satisfaction

There are many times when we become hard on ourselves because we did not act on a burning desire; it is one of the worst feelings to experience. This is because whenever you do not act on something that you want, you start to feel guilty, insecure and weak; you feel like a failure.

In life, you must always go for what you want! Do not be afraid of failure, rejection, awkwardness or disappointment. You have to take a risk to gain a reward; there are no shortcuts. Even if the risk you take does not turn out to be fruitful, at least you will have the comfort and peace of mind that you tried!

You must wake up with determination and seek what it is you are looking for; half the battle is belief! The other half is action. You cannot allow opportunities to slip; you never know when they will present themselves again.

It feels bitter sweet to recognize opportunities and to go for them! Being passive will not deliver you results. You have to muster up the confidence and grab hold of any opportunity that presents itself to you; not trying feels worse than failure!

The more opportunities you attempt to take on, the more confidence you will build up. More confidence makes your life more enjoyable and easier to act upon future opportunities. It also radiates strength and leadership which attract new people into your life as well as new adventures!

Going to bed with satisfaction is a reminder of a day well spent! You feel accomplished, confident and relaxed; you become excited to wake up the next day and see what else life has in store for you. Do not be afraid to shoot for the stars! The worst that can happen is failure, which is no comparison to the feeling of missing out on an opportunity because you did not go for it!

Step up to the plate and show yourself and the world who you are!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


Mental Health Involves Consistency

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Consistency Involves Determination

The daily stress we encounter can take a huge toll on our mental well-being; jobs, errands, relationships, tasks, etc. All of these can add up and influence our genetic makeup – it’s called epigenetics. Our genes can be turned on or off, resulting in depression, anxiety and for some, unfortunately, psychosis. So what do I mean by consistency?

You have to maintain a certain mindset where you remain happy and content with your life, preventing stress from influencing your behavior and emotions; this must be done on a daily basis. This does not mean that you shouldn’t shoot for the stars as in my previous post; you still want to remain motivated for success. But do it in a way where you don’t get bogged down in worry, stress and anxiety.

But you have to be determined to remain in a consistent state of mind. Determination means it has to come from your heart and mind; you are motivated to be consistent and mentally-healthy. And if you are not determined, you must find a way to become determined: look back at how you felt when you were once happy, content, joyful, glad and excited! When you can tune in with those positive emotions, it will become easier to remain consistent and determined to maintain a positive state of mind.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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