Used To Working Hard

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If Not You, Then Who?

No one enjoys waking up early on a Saturday to go to work; as a matter of fact, no one enjoys waking up early on any day of the week to go to work. But we do it because someone has to pay the bills and because that’s what our job requires of us. The system is based around the idea of following the rules or getting fired and replaced by someone who is willing to follow the rules.

The only way you can bypass these rules is if you become wealthy or your own employer; this way, you control almost everything about your day. But achieving any of these things is not an easy task and requires hard work in and of itself. So the alternative to giving up and becoming financially miserable and dependent on others is to keep pushing by working hard.

I emphasize in multiple articles that the most important factor at play is your mindset; no one can take that away from you. If you shift it by starting to view hard work as a fun process, it helps to alleviate the fatigue and stress. The reason why you also want to change your mindset in this way is because at the end of the day, you should be enjoying what you’re doing for work.

If you enjoy what you do but not the hard work that’s required of it, then are you truly enjoying it to the max? Your mind seems to be divided, “I like what I do but I hate working hard at it.” This is what I mean by shifting your mindset and starting to view hard work as a fun process. It also helps to slow down in the moment and not rush at tasks; attempting to complete everything at a fast pace “just to get it over with” only makes the process more unenjoyable.

Hard work is what separates the humans who don’t have financial freedom from those who do. But hard work is not everything because there are people who work hard and still are poor! The key is to find something in life that will reward you handsomely for your hard work. If you’re going to be working hard at something you enjoy doing it, you might as well get paid well for it!

Why would you want to work hard at something that does not reward you well financially? The idea is to enjoy life as much as possible, even when that involves working hard.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Getting Things Done

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Full Dedication To The Task At Hand

The difference between people who get things done and those who don’t is full dedication to the task at hand. Procrastinators often have difficulty with full dedication to one particular task; their minds wander from one idea to another. We all experience non-pathological flight of ideas, but we have to learn how to tame our thoughts and urges and remain focused on the task at hand.

Unless you have an untreated mental illness, there should be no reason why you cannot master the art of full immersion in one particular task at hand. For instance, if your research mentor wants you to have a full abstract done by Monday at 1 p.m., you should be able to spend the entire weekend getting the abstract done without any distractions.

When you’re fully dedicated to the task at hand, it means that your focus lies solely on that task. There are no other plans that should be interfering with your objective, but it is important to take breaks throughout the day. Without breaks, you will only stress yourself out, become irritable and perform subpar.

Why is this concept of full dedication important? Besides the idea that you’ll become more efficient at accomplishing tasks, it also helps with your mental health! When you avoid procrastination and focus on getting things done, your self-esteem improves in the process; you start to feel better about yourself and develop more confidence in your abilities. You become the best version of yourself.

So rather than procrastinating from now on, motivate yourself to always stay focused on the task at hand, especially if it’s an important one. The more that you practice becoming more disciplined, the easier the process will get down the road. And when the process gets easier, guess what ends up benefiting? Your mental health.

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Hard Work Beats Talent Every Time

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Dedication, Hard Work Plus Patience

Without a strong work ethic, talent only gets you so far. But compared to others who are not so talented and do not have a great work ethic, talented people achieve more results. But people who work harder get even farther! This is because an excellent work ethic delivers results after much repetition; talent just makes things easier to a certain extent.

Do not rely only on your talent. For instance, if you have a child who is extremely talented in a sport, he or she needs to adopt a strong work ethic in order to maximum their potential. There are so many gifted athletes who are just as talented as your child and work very hard! Talent cannot be solely relied upon.

And the other way around also applies: no talent but a great work ethic is sometimes just not enough. But at least you know that you are giving it your all! There is no shame when you put in the work but cannot achieve the results that you desire, but shame starts to creep in when you do not give your best effort and start to fail in return!

The problem with just relying on talent is that it does not maximize your full potential. For instance, there are so many talented tennis juniors that bring a great game to the court. But if only they had a better work ethic and worked harder on and off the court, they would have a shot at playing for a division one school or maybe even the pros.

No matter what avenue you decide to take in life, remember to maximize your potential by instilling an excellent work ethic on top of your innate talent. And do not give up after working hard and not seeing the results you want; it takes dedication and patience to see the results pile in! When you start reaping results from all those long hours of hard work, it starts to feel bitter sweet and you obtain even more motivation and drive to work harder and climb up the ladder of success!

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