The Coronavirus Fear Intensifies

Brunette woman wrapped in yellow "stop" tape holding sign that says "COVID19"

100,000-240,000 Deaths Predicted In The USA

Just when we thought that the coronavirus was going away, we were suddenly slapped in the face with an update about the projected death toll expected to climb to almost a quarter million. It seems that whatever we are doing is not working. They continue to emphasize social distancing, yet the death toll is steadily rising. The coronavirus fear intensifies while we sit in our living room shell-shocked.

Now states are considering passing executive orders for people to stay at home, but what are they going to do when many will disobey these orders? Fine us? Lock us behind bars? Having people locked inside their homes like caged animals does not sound like a tactic that is realistic; it works on paper but is not applicable in real life.

I mean think about it! How can you force people to stay at home without going to work or being productive members of society? Are we going to have the government deliver us food and toilet paper? Can we even get toilet paper anymore? Amazon seems to have let us down; maybe the first time in history! What are we paying Jeff Bezos for? Get us some damn toilet paper!

Can you imagine that it’s 2020 and the United States of America is out of toilet paper and we are sitting in our homes like caged animals? The social distancing technique is showing no signs of progress and the mainstream media (some call it the “lamestream media”) is making us more paranoid and fearful of our current situation.

The mental health of Americans and everyone around the world is taking a huge hit. Many are starting to lose touch with reality and those who were already suffering from depression, anxiety and psychosis are decompensating. The truth is that we shouldn’t blame the government. It’s so easy to point fingers at others while we casually sit in our homes doing nothing productive.

Even though we are becoming more fearful of the current situation, we must remain positive and in good spirits; we cannot let our guard down. The one positive thing about social media during this COVID-19 pandemic (and for those who know me, I’ve been critical of social media in the past) is that it helps to bring us together and prevent us from feeling completely isolated within our home.

Isolation is the cousin of mental illness; this cousin should be outcasted from the family because it only brings upon us negative results. Never isolate yourself; if you find yourself doing so, go take a walk in the park and observe the people around you. Isolation is bad and you should avoid it at all costs.

Let’s continue to connect.

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So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Blonde woman feeling ignored while sitting next to trees with head down

The Last Thing You Did Was Ignore Them

Whether it’s a patient, family member or friend, you never want to get into the habit of ignoring anyone. There will be many people in life who you will be tempted to ignore because of their character flaws. But we all have character flaws; do we expect others to ignore us? So good they can’t ignore you is not a universal situation, nor should we expect it to be.

Not many people have the charisma, wit, humor and good looks that you may have. People may not ignore you, but they very well may be ignoring others. When someone is ignored, guess how it makes them feel? Beneath you, not good enough, “something wrong with me,” pathetic and maybe . . . “not worthy of living.

When you’re ignoring someone, you’re playing with their self-esteem. You don’t know how they’re already feeling inside; they may be in the midst of depression and you’re ignoring them may be the tipping point into committing suicide. It’s not that you’d be held responsible if they did commit suicide, but how would you feel if you learned that someone who you ignored yesterday, is now gone today?

Sometimes death occurs very unexpectedly, similar to the death of Kobe Bryant. Sometimes, the last thing you did was ignore a person, thinking to yourself, “I’ll just see them next time. I don’t have time right now,” only to find out that the person passed away from a medical complication.

Guess how that will make you feel? Oftentimes, it makes you feel bad that you didn’t get a chance to talk to them one last time. Your mind starts replaying the memory of your last encounter, emphasizing how you quickly brushed passed them, ignoring what they were trying to tell you.

Life should never be taken for granted; not even interactions with people who we don’t particularly like. Every person deserves their own platform to speak their mind. We don’t have to agree with them, but the least that we can do is allow them to speak and share their feelings and thoughts.

So good they can’t ignore you? It doesn’t apply to everyone.

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Celebrating The Wrong Things In Life

Person's hand on gray skull

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Death

We wake up to turn on the news and hear the death of the founder of the ISIS caliphate. A rush of excitement jolts through our emotional center, leaving us ecstatic like “hell yeah!” But why? What is so exciting about the death of another human being who suffered from hatred and mental illness?

We become excited at the wrong things. The same thing happened during president Obama’s term when Osama Bin Laden’s death was announced. We should not be celebrating the deaths of individuals throughout history, no matter their level of evilness. That is what judgment day is for when our Lord Jesus Christ returns.

The news media has one job and that is to deliver the biggest cracking news that’s available. But we have one job as well: to spread love and joy and build an international community based on honesty and moral values. Celebrating the death of a killer does not fit The DSM Ready Movement agenda.

Let’s celebrate new discoveries and developments in the field of medicine and psychiatry; treatments that will help alleviate our suffering and help us to live unitedly happy. Let’s celebrate when we hear that another person has stepped out of the shadows to talk about their mental illness!

Let’s celebrate that we have generous human beings who donate to charities and help children and animals around the world to have food and shelter. What is more important than living a good and honest life and believing in God? We must come together and help all the needy and those suffering from mental illness; selfishness is not part of The DSM Ready Movement agenda.

Let’s celebrate life. Not death.

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