Stop Running Away From Your Problems

Stack of colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces representing life's problems

The Unconscious Cabinet

Every person knows the feeling of waking up with a problem on their mind, only to quickly repress it in the depths of the unconscious and “deal it with later.” This is a common mistake that can easily be avoided; you will be better off in the long run if you deal with the problem in the present moment!

You will find more peace by tackling the problems rather than burying them; filing problems in your unconscious cabinet clusters your mind and puts it in overload mode. This only promotes stress, frustration, relationship issues and breakdowns.

The mature and effective way is to deal with the problems head on; you cannot keep running forever. Problems are a way for us to grow and learn from; they teach us lessons and principles and provide us with guidance and reality checks.

We usually avoid dealing with problems because life is already stressful as it is. But putting off problems for the future contributes to the current mess you are in; fixing them will make you feel better. You will feel less stress, more freedom and a sense of accomplishment!

The DSM Ready Movement is about helping each other come up with effective and honest solutions, which will help us feel happier and more content with life!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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