28 Coronavirus Pickup Lines You Can Use On Tinder — Thought Catalog

Coronavirus is taking over the world but people are still on dating apps. If we’re all this thing together, it means we can keep talking and bringing joy to others as we self-quarantine. Please use these pickup lines to wow the woman or man of your choosing and continue to have a whirlwind pen pal…

28 Coronavirus Pickup Lines You Can Use On Tinder — Thought Catalog

Sex On The First Date

Man and woman in love kissing under the sun

Unexpected Nights

The first date is always the most unpredictable. A few hours before the event, your mind starts bombarding you with many questions such as, “Am I even attracted to her?”, “Is he even my type?”, “Will this be painfully awkward?” You may even have a drink or two prior to the date just to relax yourself. But one of the most unexpected twists and turns is when you end up having sex on the first date.

These unexpected nights can happen and you should always be prepared for them. This is because you never know how well the first date may turn out. A woman should never be deemed slutty or highly sexual just because she puts out during the first date. It could also mean that she’s just really into you and comfortable with the idea of doing it on the first date.

Every situation is different, but sex on the first date tends to happen after a strong rapport has been established, preferably over dinner and drinks. Showing your date that you put in some meaningful thought behind the venue and that you’re not uncomfortable spending over $70 dollars, will most likely impress her.

But the venue and the amount that you spend are not enough. The most important factor is the rapport. If you can establish a comfortable frame while she is listening to you with glowing dilated pupils, smiles and fluid conversations, then you can rest assured that you have captured her interest.

Towards the end of your date, you pitch your offer, “What do you want to do? You’re free to come over my place or I can take you home.” You do this in a nonchalant fashion, demonstrating to her that you’ve had a good time and that whatever decision she makes is fine with you. If she smiles and says, “I’m down to hang out with you more,” then the party continues.

When you arrive at your place or her’s, anything can go down, including sex on the first date. It comes down to avoiding awkwardness, demonstrating confidence and leadership and having fun! But just because a girl wants to have sex on the first date does not mean that you should take advantage, by disrespecting her afterwards or looking down on her.

Always be respectful to everyone, regardless of the dynamics of the situation. At the end of the day, just have fun and be yourself.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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Dating, Mental Health And The Impact On Millennials

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The Emotional Epidemic

Loneliness rates are increasing at an all time high and dating has turned into superficial hookups and one-night stands. Burnout was just recently classified as a mental health disorder by the World Health Organization. Depression and anxiety are increasing, not decreasing. Friendships and relationships are becoming more superficial; no one has time for anybody.

People are marrying at a later age and divorces are still at an all time high. Student debt is plaguing the country with unhappiness; one report tells the story of a student who attempted to import Cocaine from Panama to try to pay his student debt. It is evident that the millennial generation is facing a unique time of hardships not experienced by prior generations.

What is behind this rise in hardships and why is our generation experiencing it? The culprit, unfortunately, might be technology itself. We have become so hooked and dependent on laptops, cell phones, television, social media, Instagram and Facebook, that it has caused us to become detached from one another.

Back in the day, the lack of technology forced people to interact with each other on the street, work and school way more frequently than present day; that was the only opportunity for socializing. Nowadays, if millennials go out, they may attend a bar which again involves superficial relationships that either lead to an intimate rejection or an overnight quickie, only to never see the person after the next day.

Is there a solution to this madness or are we doomed? I believe the solution involves deleting dating apps, spending as little time as possible on social media websites, watching television at a bare minimum, and in return, spending more time exercising, meditating, praying and getting involved in hobbies. Even psychotherapy can be beneficial; a mental health diagnosis is not required.

I think most importantly is changing our mindset: lowering our expectations, being more loving with each other and being forthcoming regarding our mental health issues; putting an end to mental health stigma! We need to lose our selfish mentality that everything is “about us.” We need to form a cohesive alliance again, and tackle these hardships together. The DSM movement is about prevailing together!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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