Designing Your Reality

White dove flying near buildings

Spirit Over Mind

Certain people in society who are very successful (call them the ultra 1%) have everything going for them: generational wealth, power, success, political influence, geopolitical decision-making and even concealment of their identity from the masses. They have mastered the art of designing their reality by utilizing wealth and power through the disguise of liberal democracy. Their identity is hidden and that is exactly how they prefer their game of chess.

But one thing the masses have (and you should too) is spirit over mind. We are all taught about mind over matter, as if the mind is the final designer of our reality; but it is not if you tap into what God gave us all from inception: spirituality. You see, your mind is like a computer and like any computer, its memory can be improved, its processor can be sped up, its software can be recreated and last but not least, its defenses against viruses can be reinforced.

But how exactly does one reinforce its defenses against viruses of the mind? Through one’s spirit. Now, I cannot tell you how to utilize your spirit because no one truly knows it, except yourself and the only creator of this world, God. The important point to take away is that you have the power to design your reality through your spirit, which is greater than your mind; you just have to be aware of it and actually put it to use.

. . . give your mind wings by utilizing your spirit as guidance.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

The Feel-Good Lifestyle Of Music

Silhouette of man and woman playing guitars and enjoying music

Accompanied By Music Year-Round

There is something magical about music; it helps heal an exhausted soul, an overworked mind and a tired body. Music helps you escape your current reality by sparking your imaginative forces. It can take you to places which you cannot easily access when the tunes aren’t massaging your ears.

It is up to you to discover which genre of music will help you feel emotionally sound. What feels good for someone might feel awful for another. Everyone reacts differently to the sounds of music: some may become pumped up and full of energy, others may doze off and fall asleep while some may dance the night away.

Without music, our mind would not appreciate creativity at the level which it is appreciated today. Creativity is the fuel for the magical ride called music; it gives it an engine and a set of wheels and allows it to take off towards the wild wild west.

Music aids creativity for other tasks: it helps dissolve writer’s block, increase a painter’s brush strokes and assist in the production of a film. This is because music helps you achieve a relaxed state of mind which promotes the flow of your creative juices.

Creativity can still be accessed without music, but music helps it come out easier and faster; creativity breeds creativity. Music’s easy access allows it to be enjoyed almost anywhere: fly away on a Southwest flight, grab a yellow cab in SoHo, jump on a green jet ski in Fort Lauderdale or turn on your Bose speakers in the comfort of your home.

Do not underestimate the pleasure and creativity which can be obtained from the sounds of music. Find yourself some quiet time and start discovering the large mix of tunes that float around us in our hustle and bustle society which we currently live in. You will not be disappointed.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)