Celebrity Mental Health

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The Mentally Ill Mind Of Celebrities

Fame. Fortune. Cars. Money. You name it. Mental illness has no boundaries and celebrities are no stranger to it. As a matter of fact, they may even have more experience with mental health services than most Americans. That’s because the life of a celebrity is not as great as one may think.

An artist has to come up with fresh albums, perform on yearly tours, attend photoshoots, do interviews, travel the world, etc. The limelight also takes a toll on their mental health: privacy goes out the window; everyone wants to know about their lives; endless questions about their careers and relationships circulate, etc.

Many celebrities became famous from a young age. They never had time to enjoy their childhood and just be a kid. Some examples include Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson and many more. When your mind skips the natural growth process of being a child and jumps prematurely into an adult state of mind, this affects the psyche of the celebrity adversely.

All stages of human development must be appropriately experienced in the right amount of time. When childhood prematurely ends because a person has suddenly developed stardom and is earning millions of dollars, that celebrity’s mind will unconsciously become stuck in the childhood phase of development.

When they get older, the fame and the money will no longer matter as much; they will have become desensitized. But what will slowly come back to the forefront of their minds is their inner longing for being a child again, except that now they are in their mid-twenties or older. They can’t be children anymore, and so they experience anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

A celebrity is just like any other person: they have feelings, emotions, desires, needs and the hope for a healthy state of mind. Many people envy celebrities for everything that they have, but this is not the right way to view them. We must be cognizant of the fact that their jobs are very stressful and hard on the psyche.

Celebrities are not any better than us, and we are not any better than them. We are all in this together!

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