Don’t Chase Money, Chase The Dream

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Be Your Dream

Chasing money is like a dog chasing its tail; you’ll never get anywhere except back to square one with a funny look on your face. You may see dips and highs but these events will only keep you chasing, like a rollercoaster than never comes to an end. Chasing only brings temporary results; not long-term valuable ones.

That’s because the concept of chasing doesn’t apply to making money. The more you chase it, the deeper you fall into a never-ending spiral of trying to make money. Money is not actually made though; it’s transferred from one person to another. The only money that is actually made is controlled by the governments of the world.

You cannot make money; you can only earn it and lose it. And to earn money requires a realistic and applicable plan; this part is not so hard. There are many plans which you can apply and achieve a lot of money. But the hard part is the mindset: implementing a smart and effective state of mind that will help you attract money without chasing it.

The mindset is simple in words but difficult in application: chase the dream! The dream you’d like to achieve is what will ultimately bring you money. Start living life how you envision it in your mind; breath it, think it and believe it! Live with a purpose and apply great passion in whatever you do!

When you start enjoying life and living up to your dream, then that is when money will start to flow into your life. With this mentality, you are not actually chasing money at all; money is chasing you! Money is rewarding you for your successful and attractive mindset.

All of this may seem to good to be true, but it works if applied with an honest intent over the course of many years. Anyone can work hard and make a decent salary! But to make it to the next level requires tweaking and optimizing your state of mind. There are no shortcuts, and doing it in an illegal or evil manner defeats the purpose of living an honest and successful life.

Be your dream.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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