It Feels Good To Be Yourself

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Being Honest With Yourself

One of the best feelings to experience is making the transition from an insecure and false persona to being yourself; it feels as if your old self has dissolved, followed by the birth of your true self. A great deal of pressure is lifted and you now feel like you have room to breath and express your true nature.

The days following the birth of your true self is like learning to live again; everything seems new and vibrant but somewhat unfamiliar. You have been viewing the world with your old lenses for such a long time, that you have to readjust your perspective of reality. The readjustment phase is swift and bitter sweet!

But do not be fooled by the self-transformation which you have experienced. You have to work at consistently being yourself! This can become a challenge at times with changing circumstances: meeting new people, experiencing new situations, feeling pain, going through stress, etc.

Your personality can become easily influenceable by various people and situations; a lot of times, for the worse. You may become a victim of manipulation without your knowing; others may attempt to win you over for their selfish purposes. Always keep an eye out on new people and situations and make sure to keep yourself in check!

The most important factor is to remain honest with yourself. If you cannot do that, then how do you expect others to be honest with you? Believe it or not, being honest with yourself takes practice: you need to be able to express your values and morals during difficult situations, maintain your characteristics in various situations and be able to treat yourself with respect while experiencing pain and losses.

And do not discount the influence of alcohol and drugs; they have a very smooth and easy way of altering your personality without your knowing or caring. This is because substances alter your consciousness and perception of your surroundings; they get an A+ grade for performance when you are most vulnerable, such as when experiencing stress or a mental illness.

As you can see, being yourself is a wonderful feeling that can easily be taken away from you by external influences. Keeping yourself in check on a daily basis is a very important step to maintaining your true self and promoting further growth of your personality. One tool that you may find very helpful is called mindfulness; this technique will help you with self-reflection!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Being The Best Version Of Yourself

Never Apologize For Being Yourself

Too many people are afraid to radiate their true and unique personality to the world; they believe that judgment imposed by others will cause embarrassment or self-defeat. In reality, being the best version of yourself will make you happier by freeing you from the constraints imposed by society. Focus on yourself and not what society thinks about you.

When you learn to be yourself, you start to feel a door to your personality open and a sense of freedom provided; a warm feeling of peace and love radiates inside of you. This is because we are all unique individuals with different ways of experiencing our waking consciousness. When we allow our mind and soul to naturally express themselves, we are rewarded with confidence and a sense of freedom.

Not worrying about what others think about you keeps away a lot of pain that otherwise would be stabbing at you for days or weeks. Pain slows down your spiritual and psychological growth, often leading to mental health issues if experienced for long enough.

What is exciting about being the best version of yourself is that you can attract people who will appreciate you for who you are! And enjoying time with like-minded individuals will foster more positive growth and bring you more energy and love into your life. Why not experience this world as your true self and with others who make you feel comfortable and provide you with happiness and love?

Being yourself is not difficult. But being someone else is very easy. Do not take the easier path in life!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Show Others The Real You

The Original You

One of the greatest gifts you have is your individuality; your true essence that you know best and which the world is screaming to learn about! People want to see the real you; they are dying for authenticity and an honest friend who can deliver positivity and love at the snap of a finger.

Your relationships will improve when you begin to show your true personality; everything will start to match more smoothly because you will be in a peaceful state of mind. People can tell when you are being yourself; it radiates like the sun rays on a warm summer day.

You will also feel happier when you can consistently be yourself around others; you will feel less pressure to impress, less expectations and more freedom to play around with your personality. Being comfortable in your shoes, in your skin and in your soul is key to standing tall and creating fruitful and prosperous relationships in life.

Do not worry about what others think. There will always be people who hate you for who you are; it’s their right to hate. But do not waste your time wondering why. All you have to do is smile and proudly move on. The rest of the world is waiting with open arms to meet another authentic character whom they can embrace!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Why Peer Pressure Is A Waste of Time

Show Them Who You Are

Adolescents are the first to tell you how much peer pressure influences their life, but it can also occur in adults. Peer pressure means: a feeling that one must do the same things as other people of one’s age and social group in order to be liked and respected by them.

When you give in to peer pressure, you are essentially allowing your personality to be molded by those around you. This behavior starts to influence you unconsciously; you start to believe that this is “the way” to get accepted and have a good time, otherwise “I won’t be accepted and maybe have no friends.”

Peer pressure can lead you to develop bad habits. It may turn you into an alcoholic, heroin addict or recreational marijuana user, when you were never meant to be any one of those in the first place. Essentially, you are hoping to obtain immediate gratification through acceptance, but at the price of losing yourself.

The best way to approach peer pressure is to let your true presence be known! Be yourself, stand your ground and back up your stance. It might not work at first; your peers will keep persisting and even put you down. Do not worry about it. With consistency, your morals and values will prevail and your peers will start to accept you for who you are!

And if they don’t, then they were never meant to be your friends in the first place.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Be Organic And Show Your True Colors

Ever since we enter childhood, are curiosity buds start buzzing and we start asking ourselves “who am I?” We start questioning the world, our parents, our friends and society; we wonder why we get in trouble for certain things we do, but not for others.

Then comes the fun part. Adolescence. I believe this is the most crucial life stage that a person goes through, because it can make or break them. Teenagers start to naturally disconnect from their parents and connect more tightly with their peers; image, popularity, roles and fitting in become the agenda.

For all the teenagers reading this, remember one thing: be organic, be yourself and show your true colors to everyone around you; there are people dying to meet the real you! As soon as you start acting like others, you are selling yourself short. Why? Because you are not allowing your personality to flower into who you really are meant to be. This stage is important because your brain and mind are developing and you need your true personality to be as much in tune with them as possible; this will maximize your opportunities in life by keeping your mind and personality in sync.

Even in adulthood, some people continue to “try too hard” or act like a version that does not seem to be in sync with who they truly are. These people are not representing their true selves to the world. Guess how they feel inside? Miserable, disgusted, and depressed! Imagine stepping outside your home everyday and immediately putting on a mask that you want to portray to society; your true self is buried behind this mask until you arrive back home.

This is no way of living. Everybody should always be themselves; this is how our world will become a better place, and this is how we will end mental health stigma once and for all.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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