Never Be Ashamed of Your Job

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Respect Yourself in the Process

You are never too good for a job! If life brings you to the point of working in McDonalds, bartending or washing dishes, learn to accept the present situation and stop fighting against yourself; everything happens for a reason! This does not mean that you must remain at this job indefinitely, but while you do, do it with passion while being proud of yourself!

Always be thankful for having a job and somewhere to work; being homeless or struggling with an addiction in the backroom of your home are much worse situations! Go to work every day and put your best foot forward; new doors will open up if you maintain a positive and optimistic outlook.

Do not compare yourself with others; everybody has a destined path in life. Your focus should be on bettering yourself, performing well at your current job and moving forward in life. The moment that you become ashamed of your job is the moment that you will start attracting negativity; positivity cannot dwell in someone who is ashamed of themselves.

Keep in mind that most of us have all worked in a job at one point in time that we didn’t enjoy, but we did something extra on the side to pick us up from that situation, and that helped us move forward in new directions. Until then, keep your head up, do the best that you can and stay positive.

Always remember one thing: never be ashamed of what you do!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Cherish Your Family

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Your Family Is The Blessing

No matter how difficult the world may be, do not lose your bond with your family. A family is a source of emotional support, protection, love and security. Even if arguments arise from time to time, brush them aside and look at the bigger picture: “I have a family I can be with.”

Some individuals lose their family from a young age; they may become lost in life and turn to drugs, prostitution, criminal activity or even sex trafficking. Their nest crumbled at a young age and they were never ready to tackle the hardships of society. Remember to remind yourself how your family is still around; count your blessings!

Utilize your family to learn and grow from. Do not repeat the same mistakes they make; be the role model and teach them right from wrong. A family is a unit that learn’s from each other; put aside your ego and humble yourself.

Be thankful for every day that you get to spend with your family; friends cannot replicate the same consistent natural love that you obtain from your family. Because friends come and go, but a strong family can be there for a lifetime. Everyday that you have the opportunity to hear, speak to or be around your family is a blessing.

Let’s make The DSM Ready Movement an international family focused on peace, love, prosperity and success!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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