People Will Let You Down

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Being Thrown Under The Bus

Trust is very difficult to come by in this day and age. People have their own agenda, ways of being and motives behind their actions. Even if you think someone is close to you, they may not be in actuality. As simple as this subject matter sounds, it is being addressed being we are still becoming disappointed when things go astray.

But as long as things are not going astray because of your actions, then you have nothing to be disappointed about! You have to understand that there are very few people who you can trust with your life and count on to not throw you under the bus. And they are very hard to come by.

People will throw you under the bus for various reasons:

  • They want to save their own behind
  • They have many insecurities and want to take it out on you
  • They feel peer pressured from others to do so
  • They’ve changed their minds about you
  • They’ve never really liked you to begin with
  • They’ve discovered a new opportunity at the expense of your relationship with them

. . . and the list endlessly goes on. You could literally not be at fault and still have someone backstab you for no good reason. But how you handle these types of situations is key to progressing forward with dignity and professionalism. If you negatively react, then you are shifting the power into their hands.

The best course of action to take when somebody lets you down, is to maintain your composure and act like nothing has happened, not matter how grave the situation. You can imagine how difficult this may be for many people! But the reason why you should take this approach, is because it prevents you from falling down when repeatedly attacked by others.

Fill others with shame by not showing them that you are affected by their betrayal! In the bible, it teaches us to love our enemies for a reason: because when we have the holy spirit, it guides us into living a more purified life that makes us feel good and which others can model after.

So when someone throws you under the bus, smile back at them and carry on! This will drive them crazy and will make you feel empowered and beautiful inside.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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