Everyday Aging

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When Time Grows Wings

Children rely on magical and intuitive thinking to enjoy their slow, comfy and warm days under the care of their providers. As they age into adolescents, their mind starts to become more aware of the speed of time; high school graduation approaching around the corner becomes an evident realization!

As adolescents achieve their first milestone and enter college or the workforce, they begin to notice that not only is time starting to move faster, but the importance of establishing and maintaining their independence becomes a priority for many. They must now work hard towards making a living, as time continues to grow its wings and increase its speed.

As young adults reach their mid-twenties, time feels like it has taken off. They’re left scratching their heads, analyzing their current life situation: work, wealth, family and partnership. This is the time when finding a significant other becomes most important; the idea of growing old alone becomes frightening and truly saddening.

And then comes marriage, perhaps a midlife crisis and old age, followed by death. What happens after death remains a mystery for humankind. But one thing is clear: time seems to go by faster as you age. Why we perceive time in this way is unclear. Perhaps when we are younger, the feeling of having less responsibility allows us to greater appreciate being in the moment.

Everyday aging is part of the natural life cycle of all living organisms. Whether we like it or not, we have to experience the changes that come along with the different decades of our lives. But we have become great at adaptation; our minds have learned over the years how to continue surviving happily.

And surviving we do, no matter one’s age.

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