Sometimes It Just Takes Some Listening

Silhouette of two women listening to each other in water

Be The Shoulder To Cry On

Listening is a valuable tool that can take you a long way in your relationship with others. Sometimes people just want to be heard; speak less and listen to their complaints, desires, pain, feelings and worries.

Not properly listening to others results in misunderstood messages. The foundation of all prosperous and long-lasting relationships is to effectively listen to others; try to understand where they’re coming from so you can give them advice and suggestions that they can relate to.

Sometimes you don’t even need to give advice or suggestions; just the act of listening is therapeutic for many people. In this day in age, mental health is a rising concern and a lot of people are becoming depressed, battling an addiction or committing suicide. But you can help prevent all of this by being a shoulder to lean on; allow them to cry, complain, ventilate and fume!

I am not suggesting that you sacrifice all of your time to listen to others; your health and state of mind come first. But considering that we live in a selfish and over-competitive society, the altruistic thing you can do is to provide your undivided attention to others by listening to their struggles; you will become more confident and happy as a result, and they will become more appreciative and thankful for your services and you as a person.

After all, you never know when you might just save a life!

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Schizophrenics Have Souls Too

Shade photo of woman with schizophrenia

Time To End The Word Crazy?

The stigma of mental health is slowly decreasing in the United States, but many people still label schizophrenics as “crazy.” The problem with this negative connotation is that it trains people to ostracize schizophrenics, almost as if society is “too good for them.”

A schizophrenic person experiences either auditory and/or visual hallucinations, disorganized thinking and/or delusions. Their composure varies from almost indistinguishable from a person without the disorder to extreme agitation and disorganization; the latter is why people are tempted to throw the word “crazy” at them.

If we continue to use the world crazy to label schizophrenics, the stigma of mental health will persist. A better word to replace crazy with is “psychotic”; it is more formal and educational. Can you imagine being a schizophrenic patient and overhearing other people in society label you as crazy? Schizophrenics have souls too! They can understand and feel emotions, sometimes even better than people without the disorder.

Schizophrenics have families, desires, wishes and plans to improve and live a decent life again; especially those institutionalized in state facilities! Imagine living in a state facility, where every day, you walk the same corridor, eat the same meals and stare out the same windows to get a glimpse into society, all while experiencing internal stimuli?

The DSM Ready Movement is advocating for the elimination of the word crazy to be used towards mental health patients! We all have feelings, desires, dreams and goals! No one is crazy; we are just different. And different is what makes this world a beautiful place to grow and learn from.

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Mirror Meditation

Brunette woman with red lipstick performing mirror meditation

Your Soul Magnified

Most people briefly utilize their mirrors; a quick morning glance does the trick. But did you know that the mirror can be utilized to help you in many ways? For instance, staring in the mirror for 10 minutes at a time allows you to become more in tune with your thoughts; it helps you analyze them while observing your facial expressions. This is important because you can start to learn which thoughts change your body language, helping you analyze your emotions and thought process, and making the necessary changes.

Unlike traditional meditation, staring at yourself in the mirror allows you to become one with your appearance; it helps your perception of your appearance and thoughts integrate. When we go along with our day, we are observing the world around us while experiencing our thoughts; with a mirror, we are the world!

Looking at the mirror will help you increase your confidence! At first, it may be uncomfortable because you may feel self-conscious, but with some practice, you will start to love yourself for who you area, helping you build confidence and become more comfortable in your skin.

Utilize the mirror to become more humble! Observe your soul shine through your face, and be thankful for the life you have; every day that you get to look at yourself in the mirror is a blessing. Observe how healthy, beautiful and blessed you are; notice your smile, personality and soul radiate!

The mirror is a great tool to build strength and confidence and learn more about yourself. But do not overdue it; too much self-observation may make you self-absorbed, which can backfire on the purpose of utilizing the mirror to help you.

So what are you waiting for? Start spending more time with you!

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Eating Is A Discipline

Blonde woman smiling and eating a burger and fries and drinking coke

Train Your Mind To Eat Properly

It is very easy to lose control of your eating habits; the taste of food can grab a hold onto your taste buds and turn you into an eating machine. As you start nibbling more, a pattern develops, resulting in consuming more food at the next meal, until your meals become consistently larger.

Eating properly is a discipline; you have to train your mind to eat less, even if you still feel hungry. On the first few meals that you cut short eating, you will remain hungry and this will either make or break you; you either will say “hell with this” and continue eating, or you will endure the pain.

If you choose to endure the pain of hunger, you will notice that on your next meal, you will not want to eat as much; this is because your brain is starting to adapt to the new quantity of food you are willing to consume. And now you have just developed a new pattern of eating less!

Becoming disciplined is not that difficult; this can be applied to cutting sweets, junk food and fatty food out of your life. Keep your portions small and healthy and make sure that you still enjoy eating! Eating should not be a chore; once your brain gets used to the smaller portions, you will feel better about yourself because you will start to lose weight (assuming that you are exercising as well). And do not go overboard and eat too little; everything in moderation!

The DSM Ready Movement is about staying fit, physically and mentally!

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Mute Your Ego

Woman controlling her ego by doing mindfulness on brown parquet flooring

Keep Yourself In Check

The ego is a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Freud postulated that every person has an ego, ID and superego. The ID is the “animal in us”; it represents the part of us that seeks pleasure. The superego is the “teacher in us”; it represents the part of us that seeks a high moral ground and values social standards.

The ego balances the ID and superego. But just because it balances the two does not mean that we always benefit from it. As you can see for yourself, a lot of people walk around with a bolstering ego which makes them unlikeable, slimy, over-competitive, miserable and ugly on the inside; they may even be blinded by their own ego.

Think of the ego as the mask we put on for society; but we also internalize that mask which affects our decision-making and course in life, sometimes for the worse.

Learn to mute your ego; this can be accomplished through mindfulness. Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes and let any thought flow into your mind; your job is to be nonjudgemental, no matter how emotional the thoughts can be.

Be present in the moment and allow your ego to dissolve into thin air; it takes patience and much practice, but you will start to notice a sense of relief with time.

It is probably almost impossible to get rid of your ego completely, but that is not the goal; we still need it to help us balance our ID and superego. But too much ego is detrimental; we need to keep our ego in check, and mindfulness is a nice and effective tool to do that.

Another way to control your ego is to be humble with yourself; lower your importance and shine with humility.

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Cherish Your Family

Five person family walking on seashore during golden hour

Your Family Is The Blessing

No matter how difficult the world may be, do not lose your bond with your family. A family is a source of emotional support, protection, love and security. Even if arguments arise from time to time, brush them aside and look at the bigger picture: “I have a family I can be with.”

Some individuals lose their family from a young age; they may become lost in life and turn to drugs, prostitution, criminal activity or even sex trafficking. Their nest crumbled at a young age and they were never ready to tackle the hardships of society. Remember to remind yourself how your family is still around; count your blessings!

Utilize your family to learn and grow from. Do not repeat the same mistakes they make; be the role model and teach them right from wrong. A family is a unit that learn’s from each other; put aside your ego and humble yourself.

Be thankful for every day that you get to spend with your family; friends cannot replicate the same consistent natural love that you obtain from your family. Because friends come and go, but a strong family can be there for a lifetime. Everyday that you have the opportunity to hear, speak to or be around your family is a blessing.

Let’s make The DSM Ready Movement an international family focused on peace, love, prosperity and success!

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The Healing Wings Of Music

The healing effects of music from a black headphone around a colorful bricked wall

Music Can Help You Fly

There is something magical about music; it helps spark your imagination, gets your creative juices flowing, gives wings to your dreams and helps soothe your day. Learn to incorporate music into your daily life; try tuning in to a few songs on your lunch break, on your way to work or in the evening when cooling down.

Music helps improve your mood; it benefits your overall well-being, helps regulate your emotions and promotes happiness and relaxation! Being that we live in a stressful and busy world, utilize it to relieve stress and anxiety.

Music is great for exercising! When you allow music to give you wings to your dreams, your workouts will airborne and you will find yourself having more energy to go harder and longer. It’s a great tool to push your workouts to the limit.

Music can help improve your memory and cognition; the rhythm and melody helps your brain form patterns that enhance memory and attention and lessens confusion. It also helps improve communication, allowing yourself to more effectively express your emotions and feelings.

The key is to find the right genre that you click with and allow it to guide you on a relaxing journey through space and time; I recommend Thierry David’s Mix collection.

Give it a try!

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Show Others The Real You

Brown man with big beard being authentic and wearing orange turban

The Original You

One of the greatest gifts you have is your individuality; your true essence that you know best and which the world is screaming to learn about! People want to see the real you; they are dying for authenticity and an honest friend who can deliver positivity and love at the snap of a finger.

Your relationships will improve when you begin to show your true personality; everything will start to match more smoothly because you will be in a peaceful state of mind. People can tell when you are being yourself; it radiates like the sun rays on a warm summer day.

You will also feel happier when you can consistently be yourself around others; you will feel less pressure to impress, less expectations and more freedom to play around with your personality. Being comfortable in your shoes, in your skin and in your soul is key to standing tall and creating fruitful and prosperous relationships in life.

Do not worry about what others think. There will always be people who hate you for who you are; it’s their right to hate. But do not waste your time wondering why. All you have to do is smile and proudly move on. The rest of the world is waiting with open arms to meet another authentic character whom they can embrace!

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Locked In By Compulsions

A pyromaniac setting a fire in the middle of the night

What is Pyromania?

Pyromaniacs are individuals who enjoy setting fires and derive pleasure from it. The disorder begins in childhood; these children may display truancy, running away from home and delinquency. They may enjoy watching fires in their neighborhoods, setting off false alarms and collecting firefighting paraphernalia. They obtain gratification or a release during the act of fire setting and they show no remorse for life or property damage; the destruction actually satisfies them! These individuals may be drunk, experiencing sexual dysfunctions, have below-average IQs, suffer from personal frustration and may be bitter toward authority figures; some of them even become sexually aroused by setting fires!

What is Kleptomania?

Kleptomaniacs are individuals who have a recurrent impulse to steal objects that are not needed for personal use or monetary value; they often steal from retail stores or from family members. It’s a chronic illness beginning in adolescence and continuing into adulthood. The stealing is not due to anger or revenge and is not associated with delusions or hallucinations. They may also suffer from mood disorders, anxiety disorders and eating disorders. Oftentimes, they either return the objects or give them away.

What is Internet Compulsion?

Also known as internet addiction, these individuals spend most of their day on a computer surfing the web. They have repetitive and constant strong urges to spend time on the internet shopping, watching porn or playing games; they are unable to resist their urges.

What is Trichotillomania?

This is a chronic disorder that occurs more commonly in women, characterized by a repetitive compulsion of pulling hair out; it may even involve the eyebrows! Sometimes they chew or swallow their hair, resulting in a potential complication known as a trichobezoar – a hairball that becomes stuck in the intestines.

What is Mobile Phone Compulsion?

These individuals have a repetitive compulsion to use their cell phones to call friends, acquaintances or family members. They usually come up with reasons to justify calling others, but it is believed that these individuals suffer from a fear of being alone, are dependent on others or are undoing a hostile wish toward a loved one, “I just wanted to make sure that everything is okay with you today.”

As you can see, many people suffer from compulsions that manifest into a mental illness. That is why we need to come together and help each other understand our stories, so we can more effectively help one another deal with the emotions and pain that result in our suffering; this is one of the goals of The DSM Ready Movement.

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Why You Are Stronger Than Addiction

Burning cigarette with ashes and defeating addiction

Unleash The Shackles Of Addiction

No matter what addiction you are suffering from, you can learn to defeat it with the power of belief. Feel it inside of you that you want to stop, change things and live a new life! It is not enough to think “yeah I’d like to stop!” Emotions and feelings can be more powerful than thoughts, so utilize them in addition to your thoughts.

Putting all science aside, addiction is nothing more than choosing to be irresponsible and disrespectful towards yourself. You are doing it to yourself; as soon as you come to terms with this fact, you will start to feel the chains of addiction break free.

Learn to surrender yourself to a higher power; doing it your own way has not worked; otherwise, you wound’t be battling an addiction! Allow God into your life and let him help you restore your purity and freedom! Let go of your proud ego, humble yourself and accept help; you will start to notice a feeling of peace overtake you when you allow your ego to dissolve.

Do not try to defeat addiction on your own; it’s doable but it is always more effective to receive help from others. Group think and energy gives all the members the power and will to defeat addiction together; it keeps the members motivated and determined to succeed. And lastly, always feel free to leave a comment so that we can help each other, here on The DSM Ready Movement.

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