Imprisoned By Your Thoughts

Young brunette woman experiencing negative thoughts while standing next to graffiti wall

All I Have Are Negative Thoughts

If every day that you wake up and go about your day experiencing negative, twisted, sadistic or evil thoughts, then you are not alone! The human brain is the most intricate and mysterious organ of the human body. Even with dissection upon an autopsy, what does a physical specimen tell us about our thoughts? Absolutely nothing.

Your thoughts make up who you are, but this does not mean that you should identify with them. The moment that you start understanding this, is the moment when you will start to slowly obtain freedom from your disturbing and uncomfortable thoughts. Freedom comes when you paradoxically care less.

If you continue to fight against your thoughts, you will always lose the battle. Guess what happens when you repeatedly fight against them? You’re increasing your chances of developing obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This is when you obsess so much over your disturbing thoughts, that you begin to develop ritualistic, compulsive acts to alleviate yourself from them.

Guess what happens when OCD hits you? You become imprisoned by your mind; it starts to take control of you. And the more that you attempt to pull away from OCD, the greater it pulls you back in under its control and influence. So you start considering seeking solutions, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or antidepressants.

It basically becomes a messy show. Hence, why the solution to your negative thoughts is to just allow them to be; let them swarm your mind like a bunch of piranhas eating away at smaller tasty fishes. Adopt a carefree mentality no matter how disturbing your thoughts are; just don’t care anymore!

The key to unlocking yourself from your mental prison is to prevent the prison from forming in the first place.

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Exercising After Thanksgiving

Two people enjoying pie and bread during Thanksgiving

Relying On Exercising To Take Away The Guilt

The idea that some people plan on exercising for the first time or more intensely, immediately following Thanksgiving shows you the desperation that runs through their limbic system. The limbic system is involved in motivation, emotions, learning and memory. Guilt is a common feeling following feasting and exercising immediately after does nothing at all in the long run.

There are some people who believe that exercising after consuming a lot of food on a given holiday, will help them to lose weight. If you don’t already have an exercise routine year-round, it will not do anything except maybe help take away your guilt. But what good does that do, if you are still overweight or out of shape?

Exercising after a holiday is based on false hope and guilt. Guess how long these routines end up lasting? Maybe a week at maximum. People who don’t have a consistent exercise routine will not suddenly maintain one, right after a holiday like Thanksgiving. Establishing an exercise routine should have nothing to do with holidays; it’s about wanting to better yourself in the first place.

You’re actually better off enjoying Thanksgiving and feasting, than feeling guilty and running to the gym immediately afterwards. The latter situation only plays with your emotions and reinforces your lack of desire to exercise in the first place. But the former situation allows you to enjoy all of the hard work which you have been putting in throughout the year.

By eating healthy and exercising consistently throughout the year, Thanksgiving becomes a time to reward your state of mind by enjoying all of the food that you can eat. You see, when you put in hard work, playtime becomes much more pleasantly sweet; feelings such as guilt and sadness don’t overcome you.

The yearly formula that you should adopt includes: exercising + healthy eating + a happy state of mind + feasting on the holidays + repeat.

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Living Among Evilness

Evil person behind tall window of a brick building

The Older You Grow, The More Evilness You Observe

Childhood is the purest time of one’s life, unless the child is diagnosed with conduct disorder. As one ages, he or she starts to recognize just how much corruption creeps in ever corner of society. This includes the abuse of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, prostitution, crime and the list goes on. And the more exposure that you receive to evilness, the more adept you become at recognizing it.

Modern-day evilness is more sophisticated and inclusive in everything that we do. It is everywhere: in technology, music, movies, the internet, bars, the streets and almost anything or anywhere that you can think of. It just creeps around society, waiting for its next opportunity to further infect.

The problem becomes when evilness starts influencing your life; the worst case scenarios are when you don’t even know that you are being influenced. This occurs because the nature of evilness is shadowy; it lurks in the dark but also becomes evident in the light. You don’t have to look to hard to observe evilness.

Modern-day evilness comes in all shapes and forms. For instance, dating apps are polluted with beautiful women willing to sell their bodies for an Apple Pay reward. Prostitution has infiltrated the dating scene; one doesn’t even have to drive into a bad neighborhood any longer.

The bar and nightclub scene have also become infested with evilness. Cocaine drug dealers lurk around the corner, patiently waiting for their prey while giving you a wink. While the prey is always at fault for their mistake of purchasing or bumping the cocaine, sometimes you feel like it’s not even their fault; the grasp of evilness does not let go easily.

Even some women at the bar scene have become influenced by evilness. Imagine meeting a decently attractive blonde woman who suddenly tells you that religion was created to control the population. And that “you can become a god, and I believe in you.” While everyone holds the right to voice their opinion, it just shows you how soulless our society has become.

Is there a solution or are we all doomed? The solution is to work on further developing your insight into your intuition. We can often prevent many scenarios and situations which are influenced by evilness, if we only trust our gut and act accordingly. But if we continue to go astray by feeding our bodily desires on a daily basis, then we will only continue to give evilness more power and control over our lives.

We are stronger than this.

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Hungry For More

Hungry and motivated woman spreading her arms while standing on mountain cliff

Elevate Your Status

Hunger comes within; it cannot be given, bought or borrowed. You must go deep inside yourself and extract the source of your hunger; sometimes it may take many years to find it. But when you do, you’ll notice it glowing potently like an aurora. This aurora is what will keep you pushing for more!

Your hunger will definitely fluctuate from day to day. You may wake up at times and ask, “where in the world did last night take me?” These are the roughest days when your motivation becomes absent from the previous day, leaving you empty-handed. But don’t become discouraged when this happens; your aurora is still glowing beneath the surface!

On the days which your hunger growls louder than your hungriest moments, is when you utilize your aurora to shine and get things done! When you’re turned on, anything can be accomplished. On these particular days, you’ll find yourself harnessing potent energy which can be utilized for anything that you desire.

As time passes and you accomplish more of your dreams and goals, your hunger and status will also start to elevate, establishing a positive correlation. The key is to maintain this direction towards the northern lights for as long as possible. The more that you shoot for them, the higher the likelihood of becoming a star!

But one important point worth mentioning, is to maintain your humility and warm nature throughout the process. Many people make the mistake of allowing stardom to take over their personalities, resulting in a transformation of the soul. What good is it to gain the whole universe at the expense of your spirituality?

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A New Beginning

Hopeful man standing on stone in front of body of water looking at sunset

A Reason For Living

Life brings us so many unexpected, unfortunate and unpredictable moments at such random times, that it can sometimes cause some serious damage if unprepared for. You see, there’s no pattern to mental health prior to a mental illness developing in someone. Each individual has his or her own unique experience.

Someone’s depressive course may be completely different than another’s. They may have grown up in similar neighborhoods, have gone to similar schools, have smoked the same amount of Godfather OG and still present with a completely different type of depressive experience.

But just because you might have been genetically predisposed or environmentally affected to developing a mental illness, does not mean that you should give up all hope and future expectations. Life goes on, whether you have a mental illness or not. Look at it as a new beginning, a reason for living!

Life will present you with many moments where you will feel like giving up and even taking your life. These moments require a lot of strength to get you through the rubble; if you give into these depressive states of mind, they can take you away like a powerful tide. Therefore, don’t take the risk of wading through depressive thoughts.

Once you’re hit by them, seek help as soon as possible. This may be through talking to a good friend or family member, seeing a psychiatrist or even sharing your feelings and thoughts on The DSM Ready platform. The important point is to act! Never go through depression by yourself; you are only asking for trouble.

What have your experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts been like?

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Fast Food Once In A While

Selective focus photography of big burger with knife into it on brown wooden tray

There Is No Such Thing As Perfection

Maintaining a healthy eating habit can be quite challenging, especially if you love eating just about anything under the sun. The key is to implement discipline, maintain your motivation and determination and to avoid any shortcuts. But there is no such thing as perfection, when it comes to eating food.

You can have one of the healthiest diets in the world and still be overweight, due to your sloth-like nature. Without exercising, healthy food can still lead you to become overweight. Therefore, you need to apply both strategies in order to remain fit and maintain a healthy weight: exercise at least 2-3 times a week and eat healthy food on a consistent basis.

However, fast food once in a while is okay too! Most health freaks would argue that fast food should be avoided at all costs; even an ounce of that White Castle Original Slider is the end of it all! While it’s true that fast food is not healthy, once in a while, it is healthy in another type of way: your mental wellbeing.

Wait . . . you’re probably a little confused on what you just read: “fast food once in a while, is good for my mental wellbeing?” That is correct. You see, as much as you want to lead a perfect life by eating healthy as much as possible and exercising habitually, you need to also appreciate diversity in your life, even if it presents in different shapes and forms.

By eating some fast food here and there, you become human again by putting aside all of that stress and pressure to maintain perfection. Guess who are the type of people who most of the time, end up developing anorexia nervosa? They’re actually perfectionistic girls with type A personality features!

Perfection is good to strive for, but it can sometimes drive you into the ground! That’s why it’s very important, that from time to time, you step out of your daily routine and reward yourself with something different; even if it’s not that healthy for you! In the case of eating, that may include pleasuring yourself with some tasty fast food!

Life is definitely about being smart, healthy and fit. But if you sacrifice your happiness and pleasure, then what kind of life are you even living?

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Dreams Keep Us Alive

White and gray California beach home by turquoise water

A Fantasy Called Dreams

Whether the past, present (or for some of you, the future), most people would agree that without our dreams, we’d be lost somewhere in the abyss. Dreams provide direction, meaning and the ability to believe. Without belief, we remain lost. But with it, we dream on. And dreaming is what we want.

Our body requires blood to circulate oxygen, nutrients and waste products. Our mind requires a creative, inspiring and seductive fantasy called dreams. These “things” keep us going when at our lowest and most unattractive states of mind. Did I mention that they keep us going even when elated?

Those who dream consistently and believe them wholeheartedly for years at a time, have a very good chance at achieving them with persistence. Don’t forget consistence – the repetition of persistence. When this formula is applied, (is it a formula?), it makes dreams come true.

The best part of dreams is seeing them play out throughout your life. Sometimes they are accomplished earlier than expected, and you must come up with new ones. And sometimes you can accept a little assistance from a significant other, to help you out with a new dream.

The key is to not look too hard and don’t wait too long. Trust your eye, heart and instinct. If you believe a certain goal accompanied by a beautiful image is worth your time, then by no means, strive for it! But once you start striving for a dream, giving up on it would only be subpar. You can accomplish it with persistence.

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Humility Is In Short Supply

Praying man statue in front of building made out of stone

Live Your Life With Integrity, Lose With Dignity, Win With Humility

People often forget that there is so much more to this world than just what happens in their lives. Modern-day society is placing so much emphasis on attraction, status and wealth, that it’s making people adopt false personas and representations of themselves. Rather than just being themselves, people prefer to portray something which they are not.

How many people that you know still maintain a modest or low view of their own importance? It’s almost as if you are lucky to still meet them, as if they are a dying breed. And it’s not because human nature is wicked or genetically rotten. It’s because the entertainment industry does an amazing job at selling us a “glamorous, all about me” persona.

One effective way of stepping away from this false persona is getting involved in education. Going to college and graduate school and taking your studies seriously, definitely helps you to develop your mind and direct your focus and attention on intelligence, and the more important matters in life. Education helps you realize that there is so much more to life than fame, status and wealth.

This is not to imply that artsy people are fake and all about themselves. Many artsy people live their lives with integrity and humility. But no matter what line of work you find yourself in, you must learn how to keep your ego in check. The ego is very susceptible to inflation, and the more that you keep it in check, the less the tendency for it to inflate.

Even if you want to have a lot of money in life and be the center of attention, do it in a humble and innocent manner: don’t show off; don’t believe that you’re better than others; don’t act like you’re superior and don’t make everything about you! You’ll actually become a much more attractive person, if you allow others to steal some of the attention.

The DSM Ready community is about attracting humble people from all over the world who are ready to help spread love, spiritual wealth and the promotion of mental and physical wellbeing!

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Single People Are The Best

Single man riding on kayak on lake during sunset

When Relationships Are Not A Factor

Many single people complain that they are not in a relationship or that they will never find someone special. This is understandable, because not many people like being single, except those with schizoid personality disorder. A single life may lead to sadness, boredom and a sense of not being emotionally fulfilled. But on the other hand, single people have many great attributes!

Single people are great at being responsible. They have managed to lead an independent life, without relying on others for help, satisfaction or entertainment. They know how to get things done in time and in a quality manner. You can almost always rely on a single person, because they have been forced to accept responsibility when not having been in a relationship.

Single people know how to have fun! Because they do not have a partner to commit to, they must come up with activities to keep them busy. Some of these activities include playing sports, going out, working out and just about anything creative that they can think of. There are no limitations to the single life.

Single people are resilient! By not being in a relationship, they have learned how to handle emotional pain and hardships. Their strength especially shines during times of adversity and challenging quests. By being able to handle hardships while being single, they have learned to come up with effective solutions to life’s most toughest problems; and they implement the solutions quite effectively.

Single people are very motivated! With no relationship looming over their shoulders, they have time to come up with creative ideas and seek new patterns and ways of living. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to adopt new states of mind, which may help set them up for a more prosperous future.

Are you single? And why? Feel free to share your story on The DSM Platform.

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Busy Days

Time-lapse photography of people rushing through a subway station

One Step At A Time

When your days become filled with busy work, your perception can become altered in the following two ways: you feel like the weeks are flying by, at the same time that you also feel like your days are piled up with never-ending work. The two perceptions, being quite opposite, leave you dead-smack in the middle, feeling like “ugh.”

It becomes tiring and difficult to manage everyday stress, worries and the workload required by your job. Many people eventually give up and quit. When this happens, they start having marital problems, financial problems and you guessed it . . . mental health problems.

That’s why quitting is not part of The DSM Ready arsenal. We are warriors; soldiers of God who prevail no matter the hardships that come our way. When the work gets harder, we pray for strength. When others are being difficult, we pray and are filled with resilience.

When we feel weak inside, we pray and become revived. The key is to take one step at a time throughout your day; keep your mind focused on the present moment and get the task done as it comes along. Don’t look too far ahead into your day, because this will only overwhelm you and cause you to become more stressed.

The most important factors to get you through these busy days, is to be happy with yourself and have fun living your life. When these two factors are at play, the difficulty of your workload cannot keep up; your happiness overtakes it. And that’s one of the keys to becoming successful in life!

Life is not meant to be hard, but it can be if you don’t adopt the right mindset and view on life. From here on out, you will now learn how to be happy with yourself and have fun living your life!

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