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What is DSMReady?

Learn more about me: The DSMReady Movement provides an opportunity for people to come out of the shadows and share their mental health experiences in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. This is a platform where race, ethnicity, creed, knowledge and class do not matter. What matters is love, openness, the desire to share and make a change, and the freedom to be yourself. Furthermore, DSMReady focuses on topics such as addiction, lifestyle, exercise and mental health and the ability to best optimize our lives to live in a higher state of mind. 😎

Learn More About Me: The 3 Goals of The DSMReady Movement:

1) End mental health stigma and normalize mental health
2) Provide a safe and nonjudgmental place to share thoughts, feelings and experiences about mental health
3) Maximize happiness and well-being

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Who is Dr. Alexander?

I am a doctor doing my psychiatry training in the New York City area. I started developing an eye for psychology at a young age, after my parents separated when I was 10, during the time that I moved from New York to Pennsylvania. As I watched my dad’s jeep slowly leave down the street, the tears that fell down my face were the seeds of the OCD and anxiety that I would later develop in my adolescent years and young adulthood. Having viewed the world from a psychological lens since a young age, I came to realize that I had to make a change in society. The changes include ending mental health stigma and providing a warm and welcoming place to share our experiences.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Natural Science and St. George’s School of Medicine with an MD degree. For fun, I enjoy playing tennis, working out, reading and socializing. I envision The DSM Ready Movement growing into an international community based on honesty, integrity and freedom. Are you Ready?

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