I am Free of Marijuana

Positive Affirmation: Cannabis

“I am free of marijuana because I realize that it’s not necessary for me to use it in order to be happy and find joy in life. Even though marijuana may be fun, I find pleasure in socializing in a sober state of mind, enjoying my senses without having the munchies and watching movies and listening to music without experiencing an altered perception of my reality. I also enjoy to not cough up a lung or experience mini panic attacks when I am getting high. I also prefer to have a clear conscience and not feel guilty when I am high. I am free of marijuana!”

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

5 Replies to “I am Free of Marijuana”

      1. I just like the fact that there’s other people out there that appreciate a sober mindset in a world where people think drugs is a normal or even acceptable part of life. It’s hard to find sober people to talk to. Keep up the great work!

      2. We’re not here to judge those who use drugs or alcohol – they are not less than us. We all have used substances at a certain point in time – coffee is a substance!

      3. As is sugar and processed foods. Even dairy has a morphine effect on the body due to the cow’s milk protein casein. I am a promoter of healthy life overall for everyone despite the road they traveled down prior.

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