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8 Ways To Make A Sweet Girl Lose Interest In You Over Text — Thought Catalog

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1. You’re constantly worried about whether your person is having a good time. You’re more concerned with whether or not they’re turned on than whether you’re getting anything out of the deal. If they don’t moan enough, you’ll freak out. If it takes them too long to orgasm, you’ll freak out. If they don’t reassure…

6 Reasons Why Sex Is So Damn Stressful For Overthinkers — Thought Catalog

Envious Friends

Envious blonde woman wearing black hat standing beside beige grass

Knowing Who Your Real Friends Are

Having good friends is crucial for your mental health because it helps to prevent loneliness, increase your self-esteem, improve your confidence and much more. But as anyone knows, it can be quite difficult to make good friends. Many friends who you think might be good, actually turn out to be envious: these envious friends can be quite poisonous.

Knowing who your real friends are can be quite a challenge at times, especially in the beginning when they are new. They may be nice, supportive, entertaining, funny and caring, but these traits can often disguise their envious nature. If you are not good at reading between the lines, you may not notice that one of your friends is actually envious of you and does not really like you as much as you think.

Spotting envious friends should not be that difficult. Look for some of these signs:

  • They often make fun of you for no apparent reason
  • They often look at you from the corner of their eyes like you’re better than them
  • They may talk behind your back in a negative way
  • They may not seem that interested in your presence when hanging out
  • They may appear superficial and distant around you

. . . and more. You’d be surprised on how many people miss the above signs in their friendships, carelessly holding onto these toxic relationships. Because they miss these signs, the toxicity may not necessarily be apparaent to them, but guess what is working 24/7 and recording everything?

You guessed it! The unconscious mind. These toxic friendships take a toll on your unconscious mind, further adding to the pile of mental conflicts that we all carry on a daily basis. Even worse, some people may know that they have envious friends and still hold onto them!

It’s not that surprising. It’s similar to people who remain in dysfunctional or unattractive relationships out of the fear of being single again or starting their dating experience from scratch. But if you are holding onto envious friends or a bad relationship, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

You should always put your mental health and well-being first, even if it means cutting down on many current friends that you have. It’s better to be by yourself than to have friends who are envious or don’t care that much about you. Even though it might be emotionally difficult to be by yourself in the present moment, it’ll be better in the long-run when you do find meaningful friends who have your back.

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March For Life

Baby dressed in yellow pants and smiling sitting on white sofa

The Controversy Regarding Abortion

The March for Life is an annual rally held in Washington D.C., protesting both the practice and legality of abortion. It is held on or around the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, a landmark decision which legalized abortion in the United States in 1973. The controversy regarding abortion is very much still prevalent today, not only in the United States, but around the world as well.

Many people who are in favor of abortion argue that it’s the woman’s right to decide what to do with her body. Proponents believe that because there are many cases where women are either raped, experience unplanned pregnancies or have a change in heart, that it should be their right to choose whether to experience childbearing.

Opponents do not agree with the arguments presented above. They believe that a fetus, regardless of weeks of age, is a human, and that any process that takes one’s life, such as abortion, is murder. Opponents do not argue against the hardships presented by rape or unplanned pregnancies; they just don’t agree that it should be taken out on the fetus.

In reality, pregnancy is an opportunity to give life to a human being, despite the route that was taken to become pregnant. No one can understand what a female experiences emotionally, mentally and physically after she was raped; the experience is very personal to her and only she can fully understand it.

But this does not mean that an abortion should be the solution. What did that fetus do wrong to deserve this fate? A fetus is life in the mother’s womb: it depends on the mother for nutrients, proper care and even good mental health on the mother’s part. A fetus has the potential to be the next Kobe Bryant, Prince, Elvis, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Bob Marley, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and more.

Bad things happen to good people all the time, but this does not mean that we should end future lives! For instance, Jesus Christ, the son of God, was murdered by man by being placed on a cross to suffer a slow and painful death. After this occurred, did God suddenly wipe out mankind from the face of the Earth?

While we cannot judge others’ decisions for choosing an abortion, we can agree that life does not depend on age: it depends on a beating heart that has the potential to one day allow the fetus to be an amazing human being outside of the mother’s womb!

We are pro-life because after all, why are we fighting against mental illness, AIDS, the coronavirus or any human suffering in the first place? Because we love life and want all of us to be happy, caring and loving towards each other.

That was God’s plan from incepetion. Let’s continue to live as faithful servants of God and allow life to prevail.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Face of Dr. Martin Luther King

Beloved Community

Today is a special day because it reminds us what one man of color envisioned for our society: empowered individuals, stronger communities, bridged barriers, effective solutions to social problems and a beloved community, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. This is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

These types of holidays serve as a reminder of the importance of putting racism aside and working together to improve our relationships. Racism is just a concept based on power and hate. It goes all ways; it’s not just white against black. In actuality, power and hate have nothing to do with skin color.

Hatred towards the color of one’s skin is just a tool that was created by powerful people in control of our society. They named this tool racism and implemented it in order to gain an upper hand over those deemed inferior, based on skin color alone. This ideology gained so much traction and popularity throughout history, that it has remained with us till this day.

While racism is not what it once used to be, it probably is just as bad underneath the surface. With the coming of President Trump into power, we’ve actually seen more racism reach the surface, but it existed all along even before he came into power; the president just breathed life into it.

And this is not his fault. We cannot blame one person for racism. Racism was and probably always will be. But this does not mean that we cannot hope and work towards a better future where racism will one day disappear. In actuality, this is exactly what we should be doing.

Continuing to ignore racism will not improve the situation. The way the situation will be improved is by diving within your heart and expunging the hatred and darkness that lie in there. We all have a lot of hatred and darkness and it should be our goal every single day to erase some of it.

Do you have your mind on your heart? If the answer is no, then it’s time to start making a change. This is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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Why Forgiveness is So Important? — Human Performance Psychology

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Why Forgiveness is So Important? — Human Performance Psychology

Courageous Parenting

Father in white shirt carrying blonde boy on shoulders

Willing To Provide Growth

The importance of proper parenting cannot be stressed enough. There are so many children with mental health issues due to terrible parenting. It’s so easy to believe that children who have mental health issues must have done something wrong in their lives. But the majority never did anything wrong: it was improper parenting that worsened their mental health. Courageous parenting is what is needed.

But courageous parenting is not that easy for many people, because of the difficulty required in consistently providing morals, direction, growth and warmth to children. Many parents are also “victims” of unplanned pregnancies; if “victim” is even the right word. Their irresponsibility led to the birth of a child for whom they do not show much interest in raising.

When children are raised around parents who are not affectionate or have their own mental health problems, they can become isolated, anxious, socially awkward or even direct their anger onto themselves. When a child directs his or her anger onto themselves, it often manifests into depression. Remember that in children, depression often manifests as irritability.

Then there are parents of children with autism spectrum disorder who do not know how to deal with them, because of the behavior manifested by their illness. Children with autism are often socially distant, exhibit ritualistic behavior and have trouble connecting with others. Parents who are irresponsible will often ignore these symptoms and not provide them with the professional care that they require.

And then there are the parents who suffer from a substance use disorder. How many of you have watched videos online or heard stories of children being passed a joint from their parent? This is not that uncommon, believe it or not. There are also children who steal their parent’s marijuana in the house and start smoking it themselves. And that’s because the marijuana is just sitting there!

Courageous parenting requires putting yourself second and your child first. This means that education, morals and values, safety and guidance need to be constantly provided, in order for a child to reach his or her full potential. Courageous parenting is going beyond what is expected, and hoping and believing that your child will happily succeed in life.

It’s not that easy to be a great parent, but it’s very easy to be an awful one! The children of this world depend on us to provide them with excellent parenting skills, as well as growth, direction and love. If we can improve our parenting skills, then we will improve the next generation of children who will one day make the important decisions for our society.

Courageous parenting is an important step in making this world a better place for the present generations, and all the future ones to follow.

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Putting Effort Into Your Relationship Means Putting Effort Into Yourself — Thought Catalog

Putting effort into your relationship means more than planning dates. It means more than sending the first text. It means more than checking in with your person to make sure they’re doing okay. Putting effort into your relationship also means making sure your own mental health is okay. It means putting effort into taking care…

Putting Effort Into Your Relationship Means Putting Effort Into Yourself — Thought Catalog

Fear Of Intimacy

Brunette woman experiencing fear of intimacy by lying in bed covered by white blanket

Trouble Committing To Close Relationships

Not everyone desires a close relationship. Many relationships that have the potential to go the distance fall short of reaching any meaningful significance, because someone backs out and sabotages it. The fear of intimacy is exactly what it sounds like: the trouble to commit to a close relationship because of a certain mental discomfort associated with the idea.

Many people who experience a fear of intimacy have a low self-esteem, or confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. As soon as they sense another person forming some sort of attachment, they back away by either ghosting or respectfully informing them of their lack of desire for more.

Others who experience a fear of intimacy have trust issues. They may have been in one too many unstable or failed relationships where they were cheated on or abused, and thus have trouble trusting any new person who comes their way. They fear more pain and have adopted a defense mechanism that prevents them from forming close relationships.

Some people experience episodes of anger when intimacy arises. The closeness of the relationship somehow influences their unconscious mind in some way: maybe they were abused by their parents growing up. All the anger they have built up from their abuse as a child, when all they wanted was to feel close and loved, they take it out on their current partner. And so they fear intimacy in order to avoid feeling angry.

Some women actively avoid physical contact. They might have had a bad experience with men in the past, so as soon as they sense a man becoming intimate, they back away and disappear. Some women may just not be ready for physical contact or are confused by their sexual orientation.

It’s not surprising to learn that many people have trouble forming or committing to a close relationship. They have either been single their entire lives and are just used to having their own ways, or they simply do not know how to become intimate. Maybe they want to become intimate so badly, that it actually backfires and turns off the other person. And some people are actually diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder or avoidant personality disorder, preventing them from developing intimate relationships.

Believe it or not, some people are unable to share feelings or express their emotions. They either feel uncomfortable doing so, or just don’t know how to bring them out in a natural way. This leaves the other person wondering, “does he even feel anything? He seems so robotic!” And the relationship ends before any chance of intimacy develops.

Lastly, some folks have an insatiable sexual desire: they crave sex and cannot get enough of it. But when their partner wants more than sex, they become turned off, because they do not feel the desire for intimacy, due to their high sex drive. So again, they either ghost the person or the person gives up on their intimate quest and just succumbs to a sexual relationship.

If you have a fear of intimacy, please feel free to share with The DSM Ready Community.

(And as always, feel free to check out DSM Gear for some cool accessories)

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Stop Judging Others

Bald man with gray beard arguing and shouting with someone on the phone

Putting All Religious Differences Aside

There is so much negative energy in the world based on religious and cultural differences. Rather than humanity being whole as Jesus’s heart, we have become divided like Satan’s heart. This is because we rather judge others rather than love them and be understanding of their ways. Putting all religious differences aside, we need to stop judging others and start working with each other.

Christians criticize muslims for not believing that Jesus is the Son of God, and muslims criticize christians for reading the bible which has been corrupted by man. And others criticize jews because they took away the land of the Palestinian people. And don’t forget the Hindus who practice polytheism.

Do you see how many differences there are and we haven’t even touched upon all religious beliefs? All these differences, in addition to the many different cultures, is dividing rather than uniting us. This is exactly what Jesus did not want humans to do. Jesus did not only come to Earth to help those already in good hands, but to also help the tax collectors and thieves who were lost.

The same concept applies here: we cannot continue to divide ourselves based on religion, skin color and cultural differences. If our hearts had an unconscious side to it like our minds, it would probably be fair to say that it’s filled with a great deal of hate. And this is because we are allowing our minds to separate us, by polluting our hearts in the process.

Even if you feel very strongly about your religion, at the end of the day, you’re a human being! Don’t allow the information that you read in a book separate you from groups of other practicing faiths, just because they don’t share the information that is in your book. Look at the person in front of you: how you treat them matters!

We can all continue to hate each other and argue about which religion is more accurate, or we can use that negative energy and flip it around so that we can love each other and learn more about our differences. You see, society is going to continue to make progress in technological and medical advancements, improving our options for communication and treatments for physical and mental health disorders.

But what good does that do for us, if we cannot even get a basic concept right: to love each human being despite the differences that we carry! Some may argue that it’s not possible when there are 7.7 billion people currently living on planet Earth. But it is possible if we spread these kinds of messages to others, and find room in our hearts to change our ways, so that we can love each other!

Stop judging others. It’s a difficult process because you’ve been doing it your entire life, but start today by telling yourself, “I want to love everyone, even though we may carry many differences.”

Meditate on that.

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