Keep Your Circle Small

A close group of friends involving two men and two women

Less is More

Take a look at all the stars in the sky; this is the amount of superficial relationships that exist in this day in age. People come and go as they please; millennials call it “ghosting.” Who you can trust and rely on is not clear anymore; trial and error has sadly become the norm.

If you ever sense any hesitation or your intuition gives you a funny feeling about a certain person, then it’s time to reconsider your relationship with them; don’t waste any more of your precious time, because life is too short to keep beating around the bush.

Find a few friends who you can build a trustworthy and healthy relationship with and work it from there. Less is more! The potency of a few valuable friendships is undeniably greater than a large group of superficial friends who do not have your best interest at heart.

A tight trustworthy circle of friends will keep you happy, satisfied, safe and emotionally healthy; they will be there for you at your worst times. They will not allow you to fail and will have your back when life gives you lemons.

The DSM Ready Movement is about establishing trustworthy and loving friendships!

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Sometimes It Just Takes Some Listening

Silhouette of two women listening to each other in water

Be The Shoulder To Cry On

Listening is a valuable tool that can take you a long way in your relationship with others. Sometimes people just want to be heard; speak less and listen to their complaints, desires, pain, feelings and worries.

Not properly listening to others results in misunderstood messages. The foundation of all prosperous and long-lasting relationships is to effectively listen to others; try to understand where they’re coming from so you can give them advice and suggestions that they can relate to.

Sometimes you don’t even need to give advice or suggestions; just the act of listening is therapeutic for many people. In this day in age, mental health is a rising concern and a lot of people are becoming depressed, battling an addiction or committing suicide. But you can help prevent all of this by being a shoulder to lean on; allow them to cry, complain, ventilate and fume!

I am not suggesting that you sacrifice all of your time to listen to others; your health and state of mind come first. But considering that we live in a selfish and over-competitive society, the altruistic thing you can do is to provide your undivided attention to others by listening to their struggles; you will become more confident and happy as a result, and they will become more appreciative and thankful for your services and you as a person.

After all, you never know when you might just save a life!

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Cherish Your Family

Five person family walking on seashore during golden hour

Your Family Is The Blessing

No matter how difficult the world may be, do not lose your bond with your family. A family is a source of emotional support, protection, love and security. Even if arguments arise from time to time, brush them aside and look at the bigger picture: “I have a family I can be with.”

Some individuals lose their family from a young age; they may become lost in life and turn to drugs, prostitution, criminal activity or even sex trafficking. Their nest crumbled at a young age and they were never ready to tackle the hardships of society. Remember to remind yourself how your family is still around; count your blessings!

Utilize your family to learn and grow from. Do not repeat the same mistakes they make; be the role model and teach them right from wrong. A family is a unit that learn’s from each other; put aside your ego and humble yourself.

Be thankful for every day that you get to spend with your family; friends cannot replicate the same consistent natural love that you obtain from your family. Because friends come and go, but a strong family can be there for a lifetime. Everyday that you have the opportunity to hear, speak to or be around your family is a blessing.

Let’s make The DSM Ready Movement an international family focused on peace, love, prosperity and success!

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Show Others The Real You

Brown man with big beard being authentic and wearing orange turban

The Original You

One of the greatest gifts you have is your individuality; your true essence that you know best and which the world is screaming to learn about! People want to see the real you; they are dying for authenticity and an honest friend who can deliver positivity and love at the snap of a finger.

Your relationships will improve when you begin to show your true personality; everything will start to match more smoothly because you will be in a peaceful state of mind. People can tell when you are being yourself; it radiates like the sun rays on a warm summer day.

You will also feel happier when you can consistently be yourself around others; you will feel less pressure to impress, less expectations and more freedom to play around with your personality. Being comfortable in your shoes, in your skin and in your soul is key to standing tall and creating fruitful and prosperous relationships in life.

Do not worry about what others think. There will always be people who hate you for who you are; it’s their right to hate. But do not waste your time wondering why. All you have to do is smile and proudly move on. The rest of the world is waiting with open arms to meet another authentic character whom they can embrace!

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Tough Love Works

Woman applying tough love towards man under yellow sky on beach

Tough it Out with Tough Love

Sometimes you need to go out of your way and apply tough love with friends and family; it can literally save their life. Many people quit alcohol and drugs when their family abandons them; unfortunately, others remain victims of addiction.

The key is to avoid being an enabler and to learn how to set restrictions. Tough love shows them that you no longer are willing to tolerate their behavior and that you are ready to end the relationship if they do not change.

It may be difficult to implement tough love with someone you love; you may start to feel guilty, sad, miserable or even lonely. But if your intuition tells you to do it, then go for it! You are better off setting limits than continuing to engage in a destructive relationship.

Tough love provides you with many benefits: it helps relieve you from the toxic relationship, lowers your stress level and frees you from responsibility related to the destructive behavior of the other person. Do not be afraid to apply tough love. You are doing the other person a favor by requiring them to take responsibility for their actions!

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Is Sex Overrated?

Blonde woman and man in a relationship getting ready to have sex

Sex Is Not The Glue

The beautiful act of sex always comes to mind but is sex something we should always get excited about? Sex and relationships can get fuzzy at times depending on the characters involved. Always take a step back and analyze your current situation; putting your emotions aside will allow you to see past the love sac.

Great Sex | Great Relationship

This is the couple who have great sex and a wonderful relationship. For them, everything is almost perfect; their love life has high ratings and their relationship is prospering. The sex for this couple probably does not get old if mixed up properly; they probably know what they’re doing.

Great Sex | Terrible Relationship

Then there is the couple who have great sex but hate their guts. They almost cannot stand each other and get on their nerves very easily. They remain together out of desperation, frustration, insecurity, lack of resources and you guessed it, great sex! But for this couple, the sex won’t keep them in bondage for long. I mean really! How many times can you have sex and expect a dying relationship to prosper?

Bad Sex | Great Relationship

This is the couple who love each other, get along 99% of the time and are best friends. But the sex is not compatible; he is either lame in the sac or she has too much experience for him, making him appear lame, or vice versa. Whatever the reason, they do not match in bed. Fortunately for this couple, if the relationship is truely genuine, the sex can improve over time with consistent effort from both parties. Bad sex is not the reason a great relationship fails, and if it is, then one person in the relationship had hidden intentions all along.

Bad Sex | Bad Relationship

Well, should we even address this one? Not only do they hate their presence, but the sex takes more effort than running a half marathon. These relationships do not last longer than 24-48 hours.

So as you can see, there are many scenarios in which sex either enhances a relationship, complicates it or completely destroys it. At the end of the day, no matter how good the sex is, it is not the glue of bondage in a relationship. Emotional connection, caring and love still prevail and help a relationship go the distance. Sex is just icing on the cake.

Focus on improving your relationship and then work on enhancing the sex.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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