Emotional Imagery

Man practicing emotional imagery

The Art Of Visualization

Without meaningful and purposeful visions, your potential for achieving your goals and aspirations take a dip. Planting the seed in your mind is the first step towards success. Life is unpredictable in the way that some people achieve success without ever having dreamed of it; it’s called luck.

But for the majority of people, visualization is the tool that must be mastered before success is obtained. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, you must repeatedly utilize emotional imagery; the act of visualizing something with emotions as if you have already received it.

It’s a very difficult task because it requires patience and much practice; many people give up after a few weeks or months into the process. Everyone wants immediate results without hard work and dedication. Unless you are gifted with a batch of luck, it just won’t happen.

The art of visualization is like a game: the more you play it, the better you will get. But games can get old very quickly; you must not allow this to happen with visualization. Everyday is an opportunity for you to reinforce your visions and dreams and build up your belief system.

Besides hard work, it takes a lot of confidence and belief to achieve big things. Intelligence is important too, but many people are wealthy and successful and not that intelligent. The most important factor is your heart! Do you feel that burning desire pumping within your ventricles?

Are you willing to put in 10,000 hours to achieve a specific goal? If not, then you will most likely not accomplish what you’re set out to accomplish. Patience is also very important. However long it takes, you must accept the duration of the process and go with the flow.

And take breaks in-between your grinding sessions. Don’t become robotic and lose your soul in the process. Life is meant to be fun, even if it requires a lot of hard work in the process. But remember to utilize emotional imagery and master the art of visualization! One day, you will realize how much your positive thoughts contributed to your success.

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Don’t Give Up On Your Imagination

Smiling boy resting on his hand using his imagination

Dreams Do Come True

Part of the learning process of life is the trial and error of different mindsets. With constant change in our surroundings and the universe being disordered as per physics, we are almost forced to apply new ways of thinking in order to adapt; it’s called survival. But maladaptations can also occur and impact our future.

Maladaptive thoughts are the ones which don’t serve your best interest; they are there to set you back or prevent you from moving forward. They are not always implemented on purpose; many times, your unconscious mind is responsible for maladaptive thoughts.

Part of these maladaptive thoughts is the burial of your imagination. For instance, something very stressful happens in your life, initiating a change in mindset which also involves the loss of your imagination. By observing past failures and reacting too strongly, unconsciously or consciously, you start to lose interest in your creative forces.

Imagination should never be given up on. Some people claim that this great ability of the mind is what God gave to man as one form of proof of his existence; that God also imagined life before it was created. Why would you throw away what God gave you? Imagination is a gift that can set you free.

Many people become frustrated with their imagination because they do not see the results which they’ve been longing for. This is part of the process! By agreeing to imagine, you are accepting the fact that what you imagine may never come true. But this shouldn’t stop you from playing!

Imagination should be a fun mental process that gives you aspiration. But as with anything, breaks are needed or else your imaginative forces will burnout. And keep your expectations low for Pete’s sake! Stop being so hard on yourself all of the time, expecting this and that. Allow nature to take its course.

Living life is your first gift. Imagination is your second. Dreams coming true is your third and final gift!

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Becoming A Doctor

Pre-med student studying and writing on paper next to coffee mug

The Exhausting Pre-Med Path And Beyond

Becoming a doctor is very rewarding once you make it to residency and beyond. But before reaching residency, a brutal pre-med path and medical school curriculum must be tackled and persevered. Not everyone makes it. In fact, many drop out at the level of organic chemistry, the so called “weed out class” in college.

It’s not required to pick a pre-med path during college, but you do have to take prerequisites to be accepted into medical school. These include general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry and physics. On top of that, you have to complete the courses required by your major.

Juggling 4-5 courses in a semester can be very difficult, especially when you are dealing with the sciences! To not only successfully pass these courses, but to excel and receive a B+ or A requires many hours of daily studying; to the point where it just becomes your life.

On top of that, you must also get involved with research, volunteer work, 10-20 hours of shadowing a physician, obtaining letters of recommendation and doing well on the MCAT. You pretty much have to dedicate your college life to excelling in academics in order to make it into medical school.

In the latter half of your senior year of college, you will have a good feeling as to whether you will make it into medical school. Your MCAT scores are the most important factor! You may have everything else on your resume, but if your MCAT scores are low, the brutal truth is that you will most likely not get accepted into an allopathic medical school.

Getting accepted into allopathic medical schools, the traditional schools in the U.S. which give you an MD title after graduation, is becoming more competitive every year. The MCAT basically makes you or breaks you. Unfortunately, the system has to rely on this standardized test because the competition is simply too fierce.

For those having difficulty getting accepted into an allopathic medical school, there is always the option of osteopathic medical schools or Caribbean medical schools. The best Caribbean medical school is St. Georges University School of Medicine. This school delivers an excellent medical education, helps you build stamina and discipline and challenges you to push yourself to the next level!

For everyone out there who is currently on the pre-med path or considering it, just remember one important point: do not get discouraged if you find yourself slipping in the process. This road is full of potholes and moments of misery. There will be times when you will literally hate your life and just want to give up.

Don’t ever give up. The more often you get yourself back up from the rubble, the more you will persevere and inch closer to the finish line!

You can do it if you put your mind, heart and soul into it!

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Appreciate What You Have

White toy bear holding "homeless" sign in front of apartment

Losing What You Once Had

Human nature, on many occasions, sets our course backwards rather than forwards. We become inpatient with our current situation and long for more; nothing seems to be enough. We obtain something and immediately soak it up like a sponge and want something new; human nature is very parasitic at times.

The pain of losing what you once had is more unbearable than having something which no longer excites you. With something that no longer excites you, it’s still there the following day; it can still be utilized when you wish. But when you lose something, your world suddenly creates an empty space; a very painful empty space.

These empty spaces can add up over time and set you up for a depressive course; say goodbye to smiling for a while. You wanted to complain about your current situation and now life has taken that away from you! You remain empty-handed under the pouring rain while staring at the gray sky, wondering how to proceed forward.

Proceeding forward is what you should do. But now you are potentially battling a depressive course which makes your life even more miserable. Not only do you have to move on from what you have lost, but you now have to find a way to defeat the depressive virus infecting humanity.

The point is to avoid complaining about something which no longer excites you. Appreciate what you have even though it might not stimulate you anymore. Stay positive and work on bettering yourself and improving your current situation. Do not make your life harder than it has to be.

Take the trip. Enjoy the process. Keep moving along.

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Think Outside The Box

Colorful wooden birdhouses

There Is More Than You Know

The events surrounding your life have a deeper meaning than what you may think you know. Many times, you will never find out the deeper meanings; everything is orchestrated in the background behind the scenes. For good or bad, you will realize that you do not often have control over these events.

For instance, do not believe everything that you hear in the news. CNN has their agenda to sell their stories, while FOX News has theirs. And Hollywood surely does a great job hiding subliminal messages within their films and music videos. Thinking outside the box means searching for a different story that makes more sense.

Oftentimes, the story which you are presented is only partially true; the real version is disguised. This is because the real version is often controversial and would disturb the masses if revealed in its entirety. You only know the real version if you are in it yourself or know somebody who is; if neither is the case, then you are part of the script.

Thinking outside the box means remaining vigilant of your surroundings and reality. As previously mentioned, your unconscious mind pulls the strings of your conscious mind, but who is pulling the strings of your unconscious mind? Do you even care to find out?

Thinking outside the box has nothing to do with being negative, but has everything to do with being wise and protecting yourself. But you have to be very careful to not fall into the depths of paranoia. Once paranoia kicks in, it’s like being sucked into a powerful vortex.

And most often, you will have great difficulty freeing yourself from a vortex. Therefore, be very careful how much searching for meaning you do. If you find yourself tackling much more information than you can handle, then take a step back and unwind. Do not cross the invisible line of no return.

Have you stepped outside the box yet?

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Adolescent Decisions

Four teenage boys sitting on mountain trail

Choices Matter

It’s no secret that teenagers are easily influenced by their peers. Often times, what the group says is what goes; if you question it, you become the laughingstock of your peers. That is why many teenagers experience difficulty stopping an inappropriate activity once they have begun; they want to avoid ridicule at all costs.

For instance, many teenagers start smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol during their adolescent years in high school. Some of them genuinely like the substances and have no interest in quitting; they see their new group as their new home. But many become disinterested in using these substances; especially daily use as many teenagers partake in.

For these adolescents, it becomes difficult to leave a group or even to just tell the group that they are not interested in the substance. They are afraid to lose approval, or even worse, lose their friends. They’ve worked hard to reach their status and break into the group as one of the members; they don’t want to jeopardize their popularity.

The teenagers who choose not to leave a group decide to substitute one substance for another. For instance, their group may be known as the “stoners”, but the person who is not so fond of smoking decides to drink more alcohol; he now stands out in the group as the “alchy.”

As a teenager, it is very important to choose your friends wisely. Do not necessarily target the popular kids, because the popular kids can get you down a rabbit hole from which you may never come out of again. There are many different types of popular kids: you have the stoners, the druggies, the jocks, the rockstars, etc.

Remember one important take-home message: no matter who you decide to spend your free time with, always be yourself and do not do something which you do not agree with. If that means losing your role in a particular group, then lose your role! Your life is more important than satisfying a group of kids, whom in all honesty, will probably no longer be your friends during or after college.

Choices matter. Your life matters. Do the right thing!

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Lust Epidemic

Lusty woman wearing blue lingerie

Don’t Get Locked Into Lust

It seems that nowadays, relationships have taken a slip and sexual encounters a trip; people want sex! And they want it now. Values and morals are being sacrificed for instant gratification and pleasure; say goodbye to dignity. Welcome to the age of lust, where a strong sexual desire prevails.

As society keeps moving forward with improved technology and on demand access, both men and women are sacrificing meaningful relationships for the single life. It has become easier to get “your fix” and “ghost on.” Why is the divorce rate so high? Even if people are getting married, they are ending back at square one.

With cam models, porn and sexting available at peoples’ fingertips, the concept of delayed gratification has been replaced with “today’s gratification.” Some people are so addicted to porn that they call it their “second job.” Sexting has become so convenient that one doesn’t even need to meet up in person anymore.

And cam models, well . . . they’re cam models. They want you to pay them to appear on their web show, and in return, they allow you to have sex with them; absolutely no emotional connection whatsoever. Everything is strictly business. It seems as if there is a floating spirit named the “whore of Babylon” and she is not planning to rest anytime soon.

When you sense that lust is creeping into your life, seek God for assistance. He can help you get rid of this sin from your life. But as with any sinful action, the more you partake, the harder it becomes to hold yourself back. And lust is no easy sin to get rid of, especially after it grabs a strong hold of you.

If you are single and find yourself lusting after women or men, then go and find yourself a preoccupation that can distract you from your fleshy desire. There are many activities that can help take away lust, but you just have to find the strength and desire to seek them.

As with anything, discipline paves the way for a happy and successful life!

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Spiritual Nightmares

Person wearing hat and standing next to two spirits

Waking Up Startled

We’ve all experienced good dreams and nightmares. Sometimes we wish that we never had awakened from a pleasant dream. Other times, we wake up terrified and afraid to go back to sleep. But what are the meaning of dreams and should we take them seriously? Freud once said, “dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.”

In that case, are spiritual nightmares related to the unconscious mind as well? A spiritual nightmare is exactly what it sounds like: a dream related to the supernatural that wakes you up from sleep because of its frightening and unpleasant nature. Sometimes a nightmare feels like reality!

How many of you have felt the presence of a spirit in your room upon awakening from a nightmare? How many of you have felt your back touched or bed cover pulled on and then suddenly waking up startled? I believe quite a few people can attest to the above experiences.

The best way to go about analyzing these spiritual experiences is to talk about them in therapy with a psychoanalyst who is interested in dream interpretation. The chances are slim that you will find meaning from these spiritual nightmares on your own; guidance will always serve you better.

Sometimes the experience can be so frightening that you become scared to go to bed the following night. But you cannot allow these nightmares or spiritual experiences to control your life. Whether or not you discover the reason for their appearance, you have to continue to live your life without fear.

You may wake up startled from a nightmare, but don’t allow that experience to turn into a living nightmare!

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Obnoxious Television

Broken vintage television on wooden table in front of graffiti-sprayed walls

Limit Your Television Viewing

American news can be summed up in the following manner: “Trump”, “Impeachment”, “Radical Democrats”, repeat. The other channels air live sports, entertainment awards and random shows. Watching these television programs on a daily basis dulls your cognition over time; what about the above content helps you increase your intelligence?

You can either choose to limit your cognition and satisfy yourself with no-brainer, obnoxious television programs or you can pick up a book and educate yourself. Many people, not surprisingly, choose the former because it is easer after a long day of work, to kick back and watch politicians bash each other’s heads sideways silly.

But did you know that with practice, it becomes easier to read a book after a long day at work? Your brain becomes used to it; it becomes part of your routine. This is not to suggest that you should not do anything else besides reading books. Diversity and a healthy balance is always key to living a more prosperous and joyful life.

But many people choose not to diversify their free time because they are so glued to their television. Add a laptop, an iPhone 11 Midnight Green Pro and a bag of popcorn and it’s a wrap; someone can sit on that couch for 3 hours in a row. Doesn’t take much brain power, does it?

You only live once, so use your precious time to improve yourself, increase your intelligence and diversify your life. Don’t settle for what is easier and more comfortable in life; good things don’t come easy. But the more difficult routes in life are almost always more rewarding in the end; it’s called delayed gratification.

Push yourself to surpass your previous limits; new accomplishments bring more joy and motivation to keep moving forward. But you won’t find long-term joy by sitting in front of your new 65″ LG television. Do yourself a favor and diversify your life with productive and inspiring activities.

You will not regret it once you get your inner drive revving.

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Are We The Sims?

Computer program running on laptop

I Want To Be Free

Another day goes by and you find yourself questioning the events in your life. Things don’t seem to add up, or do they? You find your days to be repetitive: you wake up for work, come back home and go to sleep. However your day looks like, repetition is not something new to you.

You wonder how to snap out of your repetitive life which sometimes seems programed. You look up at God asking him to help you; is God or some other entity looking back down and controlling your life in some simulation? A simulation is the production of a computer model of something, especially for the purpose of study.

Are we being studied? Were humans created as an experiment to observe how we reproduce, work along each other and manage righteousness with evilness? Are there winners and losers in this life or do we all share the same destination regardless of our deeds?

Some of us shout “I want to be free” but what is being free? Some can relate to the idea of not having to wake up early to go to work and enjoying the white sandy beaches on some exotic island; not having to worry about making another buck every again. But does wealth bring you freedom?

We can assume that even wealthy people still shout “I want to be free” because it seems to be that freedom is not attainable in our normal waking consciousness. Some would argue that consciousness is not specific to the individual but that there exists a universal consciousness which can be tapped into.

Does this universal consciousness bring us freedom? Is it even possible to experience it longer than the couple of hours brought upon by a psilocybin, acid or DMT trip? Surely we cannot trip everyday on psychedelics as our 5-HT2A receptors would quickly develop tolerance.

Are we supposed to settle for sparks of universal consciousness and spend the rest of our days in normal waking consciousness? Even prayer does not seem to tap us out of normal waking consciousness. Whatever source we do use to tap out seems to only be momentary.

Remember the game The Sims? How did you tap out of that simulation? You tossed the game aside and moved on with your life.

The key might be to keep moving on!

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