Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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The Splinter In Your Mind: Why You’re Not Happy With Your Life

Do you ever sit back and wonder why other people are living these extraordinary lives such as traveling the world, waking up at 10 am every day, having a personal chef cooking them meals and basically feeling like they’re on top of the world? These people have done something differently than you have: they’ve learned to step out of their comfort zone. That’s what you need to start doing too!

Many of us are not content with our lives because we feel like something is missing. We wake up every day and to a certain extent, repeat the same activities over and over again. Today you might do something slightly different than yesterday, but tomorrow it’s likely that you’ll go back to square one. No matter what you change, it always feels like you’re not making progress.

Do you ever wonder why? It’s because you’re not really making a change; you’re not stepping out of your comfort zone. You’ve programmed your life to remain stationary and safe because doing otherwise would be a threat to your security. But we need threats to our security in order to expand ourselves.

Sometimes it feels like if you do the opposite of what your mind tells you, you’ll end up with more satisfactory results; it’s contradictory but sometimes proves to be right. What do I mean by this? Well, you’ve programmed your mind to believe in certain things and to perform certain actions that make you feel comfortable; anything otherwise is a threat to your comfort level.

But if you try doing the opposite of what you’re used to doing every once in a while, you’ll start to gain newfound confidence and feel like a breath of fresh air. That’s because your mind wants new experiences and situations, but it’s you who is holding yourself back. If your mind didn’t want new experiences, you wouldn’t be having the annoying internal battle that often feels like there’s a splinter in your mind.

The only way to retrieve that splinter and discard it for good is by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new places and things. You’ll find that it’s quite difficult at first because you lack the power to do it, but the more that you practice it, the easier it will become. The first step is finding the desire within you to change your life; once you find that, you’ll head onto the right track to improving your current situation.

That’s the difference between you and the people who have personal chefs cooking them meals.

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Believing With All Your Might

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Believing Is A Lifestyle

I’m sure many of you have heard it a thousand times, “Believe it and you will achieve it.” Well . . . it’s not quite that easy. Sitting around on a random day and just believing that you’ll become a millionaire is not going to do much. Believing is a lifestyle. You have to practice it every day, multiple times a day until you’re sick of believing! Believing with all your might is required for things to come true.

In the bible, we’re taught by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to believe with all our heart and mind and that whatever we ask in prayer will come true. Many people will say, “Dr. Sinu! I’ve tried believing my entire life and nothing has ever manifested!” And then you gave up I take it? You see, believing requires a change in your personality.

This change involves persistence, stamina and the refusal to accept anything less. If you lack these traits, you are at a disadvantage because you are prone to giving up on your beliefs and settling for mediocracy. You have to understand something and this is not meant to scare you: you almost have to become delusional in your beliefs in order to see them manifest into your life.

But delusional in a good way; not the pathological kind that is known as delusional disorder. Being delusional in your beliefs is another way of saying, “Believe what it is that you want to believe to the point that others would tell you that it’s impossible.” And believing is not a one time sit-down session where you meditate and believe for 10 minutes and expect results in return.

Believing is a lifestyle. You must breath, sleep and eat beliefs all day, every single day, rain or shine. You must visualize with feelings in your mind, seeing yourself in your mind’s eye what you want to be doing and feeling it as if it were your current reality. It’s difficult to do that every day but it will pay off in the future with enough persistence.

I never knew that I would become a doctor until I turned 20 and not even then did I know that I would one day be in residency practicing psychiatry! I thought that I was going to end up in Hollywood as an actor or screenwriter, even though I still would like to accomplish these goals one day! But I got my mind right and set myself up to stay on one path only until it became a reality!

I never knew that I would one day start a blog called “Defeating Stigma Mindfully” and interact with people all over the world! But one day as I was sitting in my bedroom, I stumbled across WordPress and the rest was history. My point is that you can accomplish whatever you want!

You just got to have the dreams, vision, ambition and work ethic and actually set out to accomplish your goals!

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Your Dreams Rock

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You Are A Rock Star

With more time on our hands because of the virus that has decided to take a world tour, we have no excuse but to dream bigger and work towards making our dreams a reality. Utilize this free time as an opportunity to grow and plan out your future; no time should be wasted. Life always throws you opportunities for improvement, even if it’s during deadly times.

In other words, do not sit idly at home waiting for evilness to pass away; it never will. The coronavirus is just a small piece of the arsenal when it comes to Satan and his army; unfortunately he took out one of his more powerful weapons this time. But casually sitting around complaining about how your world has changed for the worse is not doing you any good.

Did you know that you are a rock star? We all are. But we have to start thinking like a rock star, believing like a rock star, dreaming like a rock star and eventually living like a rock star. No worldly event, no matter how negative and evil it may be, should be holding you back from progressing in life.

And it all starts with your dreams! Are you waking up every day believing that this will be the day that you will accomplish X, Y, and Z? If you are not, then you aren’t thinking like a rock star. You must feed your drive and motivation the minute that you wake up, no matter how pissed off you are and no matter how unfortunate your current circumstances are.

You can’t allow your environment to make you its slave; you will not allow that to happen! You have to learn to put yourself in a position of power where you are the one controlling your environment and this does not mean controlling others; you never want to control others. You want to be a leader, not a boss. Bosses tell people what to do; leaders show people how to do it!

So start dreaming and living like a rock star and watch your success and happiness skyrocket. And when you start demonstrating leadership qualities, people will start to respect and follow you to learn more from your awesome ways! This is the rock star mentality that you need to start adopting today.

Together we can and we will!

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Finding Refuge In The Park

Green trees in park at golden hour

Forest Fuel: Nature Heals My Mental Health

If it’s not work then it’s being at home. If it’s not being at home, then it’s being stuck within your mind while at home. It’s fair to say that most people would agree that life has dramatically changed within the last couple of months and certainly not for the better. It sometimes feels like we have become prisoners to our own home; the rooms feel like they are closing in on us more every day.

But it’s our mind that is closing in on us. We start to become inpatient when spending so much time in the house: activities become repetitive, the news is getting old and going “virtual” is not at all exciting. The fact that we’ve reached a point in time that our government is telling us to stay home is quite worrisome.

They keep emphasizing “social distancing” repeatedly like we’re little kids who do not comprehend the first time around. But there is a reason that many of us do not comprehend social distancing and that’s because we are losing our mind by staying indoors all day. But one gem that remains available is our parks!

Finding refuge in the park is no exaggeration. It provides a calm and relaxing environment where we can sit on benches, jog on trails, walk on grass and converse with friends and family. Now that mother nature has rewarded us with the beauty of Spring, the park has become an even more pleasant place to retreat during this coronavirus pandemic.

The park is like a reset of your mental health throughout the day. Whether you are still working or casually relaxing within the comforts of your home, the park provides a beautiful opportunity to relieve your stress and connect with nature. Putting all medications aside, nature is still one of the best healers of mental health!

It helps you leave your hole which you call your “home” and allows you to release your thoughts into the wild, allowing the trees to scatter them away into the distance. The park welcomes you with a big hug provided by the sun rays and wind streams brushing away from the trees and on towards you; the park engulfs you with mental comfort!

If you are feeling sad and lonely during this COVID-19 catastrophe, remember that you are not alone! We all are. But don’t be afraid to leave your home and find a park to help heal your mental health. Don’t remain in your house for endless days at a time; you are ripping your mental health apart by doing that.

Let’s consciously connect together in the park!

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The Irresponsibility Of The Mainstream Media

Empty store shelve with white sign warning customers

People Laughing In The Streets

No one is denying the impact that the coronavirus is having on our society. Over 400 deaths in the United States alone and thousands overseas, COVID-19 has earned its place in the history books. But the media has also earned its place in the history books for the paranoia that it has been instilling in people’s minds. The irresponsibility of the media needs to stop before the next generation of journalists come into power.

So what exactly is irresponsible about the mainstream media? The panic that they are contributing to. Rather than comforting the millions of viewers who are sitting at home in tears, not knowing how they will pay their next month’s bills, they continue to provide us with 24/7 news on how deadly this virus is and how we should all practice “social distancing.

What is portrayed in the media does not match what can be observed in the streets. And why is that? Because people are slowly losing interest in what they have to say. Take a look for yourself at what you can see in the streets: people are casually walking their dogs, families are strolling in parks, friends are smoking cigarettes and laughing, food vendors are in good spirits and selling Halal, etc.

Should we mention all the spring breakers partying on the beaches of Florida and the west coasters getting high and exercising on the beaches of sunny California? This is not meant to deny the importance of social distancing; we should continue to listen to our leaders and health officials on the recommendations of dealing with the coronavirus.

But it would be nice if the media did not secretly care so much about headlines and numbers, and rather report some positive news from time to time. Talking about COVID-19 24/7 is promoting paranoia, anxiety, substance use and depression in the population; people are also committing suicide! If this is not irresponsibility than I don’t know what is.

This is not meant to bash the mainstream media with the intent of hating. We here at The DSM Ready Community do not slide on hate; love is our passion. Our goal is to work with the mainstream media and help them realize that we the people want positive and honest news that does not scare us 24/7. I’m sure they can find a way of delivering other news that does not focus on the coronavirus all the time.

Only by focusing on various positive topics in the news, will people more effectively recover from this traumatic COVID experience and get on with their lives again.

Together we will!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

The Meaning Of Our Lives

Sad white woman's face looking into the distance

The Meaning Of Anything

As we sit in the comforts of our homes, time continues to become molded into our consciousness; we observe the hour hand moving ever more slowly as we start wondering the meaning of our lives. The pouring rain outside our windows makes the social distancing situation even more depressing; now we cannot even enjoy some fresh air. We have truly become isolated.

Sometimes it feels as if we are living in a social experiment created by a group of elite billionaires sitting on a french chateau porch enjoying mimosas and expensive Cuban cigars. Can this truly be a designed social experiment to observe how humans interact and survive in a pandemic?

In times such as these, we are naive and doing ourselves a disservice if we do not question the meaning of our lives; the meaning of anything! Curiosity is necessary in order to pose questions that help us arrive at better answers. We cannot simply sit like sheep watching CNN and Fox News every day and accept what is fed to us without questioning.

While the democrats and republicans hash it out in congress and on the senate floor to arrive at an agreement for an appropriate stimulus bill, Americans and other people around the world continue to get exposed and infected by the invisible enemy known as COVID-19. We are like sitting ducks, exposed to an enemy with no defense by our sides.

Society is slowly shutting down and we have nothing but time on our hands to question the meaning of the universe. Is there an endgame to this situation? Will this too pass? Maybe reality has forever changed . . . perhaps we are going to have to reside in the comforts of our homes for the next couple of years!

Any question is fair game during this time of social isolation . . . any question that stimulates our minds and helps us to see beyond what lies in front of us. Even conspiracy theories are fair game; do not allow the stereotype to prevent you from entertaining them. Keeping an open mind is a must, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

What is the meaning of your life?

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First Day Of Spring

Field of green and yellow flowers next to trees with pink leaves during springtime

You Are Alive

With all the worrying and anxiety circulating in society, we can finally release our breath and welcome the first day of spring. Spared a tough winter due to climate change, we were instead hit with a deadly virus that is still cruising freely with no end in sight. But against this invisible enemy comes along the season of spring, a time where we can once again see life taking shape and form through nature.

Some of you may have lost your business, family or friends . . . some of you are depressed and do not see any hope for the future. While pain hurts and its length varies in time, you have a choice today to help change your mindset and view the world for the beautiful opportunities it does offer.

One of these opportunities is to enjoy the season of spring. During these months, trees begin to blossom again, flowers begin to flirt and animals begin to mate. Even dating is more fun during spring and going out with friends while daylight increases brings upon an exciting warm feeling of love.

The best part of spring is that you are still alive; you haven’t allowed the coronavirus to rob you of your soul. Is that not enough to be happy? Every single day, people show up to the emergency room with suicidal thoughts, homicidal intentions, auditory hallucinations or visions of things that do not exist; their mental health swings back and forth like a pendulum.

But that’s not you! Instead, you are going to open your arms wide open and accept the beauty of spring; allow it to hug you while the sun shines on your innocent face. Put aside the negativity of the coronavirus and keep a positive mind above your shoulders. Do not ever forget the point of life: to be happy while making the most out of it.

Spring brings upon good spirits! Are you ready to partake?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Creepy Friday The 13th

Red and gray coronavirus particle

Coronavirus: State Of Emergency

Things are beginning to feel like a creepy video game: more people are becoming sick, less people are seen on the streets, New York traffic is easing up and classes are going virtual. Not to mention that the news media is making the situation more frightening with its eerie headlines. The global markets are crashing and multiple countries around the world are declaring a state of emergency. This might be the creepiest Friday the 13th the world has ever witnessed.

There’s a growing feeling in the air that society is on the brink of slowly shutting down; more people are starting to work from home and school closures are happening all over the country. There is talk that even wall street might shut down. Is this all a master plan by the elite or simply bad luck?

One of the questions that most of us are thinking is why aren’t there any official, standardized diagnostic kits on the market? This is certainly not the first merry-go-round for the coronavirus. What have all these biotech companies been doing all of these years? It’s too late to answer that now; we’re already in the midst of a physical and mental war.

Maybe the plan will be to have all of us quarantined in our homes, with governmental officials distributing food and other necessities on a weekly basis. The streets will end up lonely during this spring, with only the birds chirping, squirrels mating and deer freely eating grass in peace. Us humans will be staring out our windows wondering, “Are we being punished? Is this some sort of an experiment?”

Or maybe all of this coronavirus scare is driving us crazy with conspiracy theories. Maybe the reality is that someone did eat a snake or a bat somewhere in China, resulting in a zoonotic unleashing of a hellish virus upon mankind. Regardless of the source, we were unprepared from the beginning. We all thought that the coronavirus would never make it out of China.

But we were wrong; dead wrong! The coronavirus is now freely spreading around the world and claiming lives left and right. Since 9/11, we have been trained to fear future terrorist attacks, believing that if we go to war in multiple countries in the middle east, that we’d somehow become safer. Maybe we are safer or maybe we are not. But now something that is naked to the human eye is causing more deaths than multiple terrorist attacks combined.

If there’s a lesson that can be learned here, it’s to never underestimate the power of potential biological warfare.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

We Will Defeat The Coronavirus

London evening standard newspaper with coronavirus headlines on sidewalk

Together We Can

As the world sadly observes the tragic spread of the coronavirus and as WHO officials declare the situation a pandemic, we sit around wondering what awaits us. Some of us are asking ourselves, “Is this the end of times?” The reality is that things will only get better from here on. We might continue to experience a rise in infections in the short term, but the virus has officially spread throughout the world; it has no where else to go. We will defeat the coronavirus.

As most people know, DSM focuses most of its energy on mental health matters. While the coronavirus is a physical illness, the stress and mental burden that it has brought upon this world is beyond imaginable. A lot of us might think to ourselves, “Doesn’t affect me. I’m good!” But it’s easy to think like that when you don’t have a loved one who is infected or worse, passed away from the virus.

We have to remind ourselves to not joke about such matters because even if it doesn’t affect us, it affects someone else out there. Oftentimes, mental health issues can prove to be much more impactful on one’s life than a physical illness. If you’re not happy or are extremely stressed, it becomes difficult to wake up every day and lead a prosperous life.

The importance of staying positive during a pandemic cannot be emphasized enough. It’s very easy to lose our cool during this tragic time, causing us to make poor and impulsive decisions. Remember that this viral war is not just a physical one, but a mental one as well. Whenever a pandemic is born, so are mental health issues around the world.

We will defeat the coronavirus over time! But we must remain supportive and not fight against each other. Maybe this coronavirus scare is meant to bring humanity closer to each other. Oftentimes, it’s through terrifying events that humanity adopts a more respectful and loving view towards each other. Unfortunately, because we are stubborn, we have to experience some pain in order for us to improve.

But together we can and we will.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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