Exercise your Way to Happiness

The Duality of an Exercise State of Mind

Negative thoughts about exercising:

  • Why put more effort into my life?
  • I’m fine doing less work
  • Working out requires effort; I’m already tired from my job
  • I won’t lose weight so what does it matter?
  • I get tired within five minutes of exercising, so I prefer to not even bother
  • I don’t see any results
  • It’s too much work

Positive thoughts that you need to implement regarding exercising:

  • Hard work pays off
  • My mental health will improve
  • My body-mind connection will improve
  • I will feel more confident
  • I will become more disciplined
  • I will feel better about myself
  • People will compliment me on my improved physique
  • I will have more confidence in my ability to work hard

You see, as with anything that requires hard work in life, negative thoughts often get in the way of you succeeding. Negative thoughts have to be intentionally replaced with positive ones until your attitude shifts and the process of exercising becomes easier. It’s definitely possible; the question is, are you willing to start?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

Winking, smiley Gif face
eBay jump rope advertisement

Enjoy…❗ 😎



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