Misinformation on Social Media

Be very careful with others on social media spreading information on psychiatric medications. Oftentimes, this information is false and not accurate. Always seek professional advice from a doctor. Anyone can post misinformation on social media about psychiatric medications. Believe it or not, many also have an agenda to bash medications that help millions of people worldwide live better lives. They’re probably paid to do it, angry about personal adverse outcomes or simply don’t understand their importance.

Misinformation on social media: hand holding cellphone next to laptop

Be Careful with Misinformation on Social Media

Sometimes the truth is distorted to suit certain intentions. What makes it believable is that the misinformation can be based on truth, but tweaked with a hidden agenda. Sometimes you can spot the agenda but you must keep your eyes open and your mind sharp. I’m not suggesting that all alternative information is misinformation. There lies much truth out there that is not presented in the mainstream media. I’m suggesting that you don’t get your information from sources that can spread misinformation.

The problem is identifying these sources that spread misinformation. The good ones disguise the information so well that it’s hard to tell if it’s misinformation. In return, you end up reading or hearing something presented on medications and you believe. You don’t question, you don’t challenge and you don’t bother. You accept because it sounds good and the person presenting it has caught your attention. It’s very easy to get hooked this way. Believe it or not, all great media sources are skilled at capturing the minds of many. You just have to spot which have good intentions and which don’t.

When it comes to psychiatric medications, stick with healthcare professionals, preferably in person. Things have changed a little bit since the pandemic started, with telepsychiatry gaining more popularity. Telepsychiatry involves remotely seeing your psychiatrist or mental healthcare provider from any location. It doesn’t require you to be in an office. It’s very convenient for patients to do these sessions from the comfort of their home (sometimes discomfort if you know what I mean). Whether you choose telepsychiatry or in person appointments does not matter. Just don’t start out with internet sources.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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