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In this mental health podcast, Dr. Alexander discusses issues and concerns that most of us face in our everyday experiences. Mental health is like physical health in that we experience it all the time, but don’t pay attention to it as much as we should. For example, most of us are aware that our diet can use some improving and that we’re also not exercising enough, but we continue the same habits. These habits affect our physical health by contributing to an elevated body mass index, high blood pressure and elevated blood glucose and triglyceride levels. The same applies with our mental health; we experience stress, anxiety and depression but we don’t do anything to prevent them.

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A Mental Health Podcast for Humanity

Dr. Alexander discusses topics such as analyzing your life, mental health labeling, negativity and insecurities. Not everything has to be related to a mental illness. A lot of what we do in life affects our mental health, from negative automatic thoughts to self-sabotaging behaviors. Without addressing these experiences, we go through life living in pain that chips away at our mental wellbeing. Some people continue to live in pain but don’t develop a mental illness, while others become diagnosed with a mental disorder. This podcast is not meant to give you intensive, psychiatric information. You can find that on websites such as WebMD, Healthline and the Mayo Clinic.

This podcast delivers you information that anyone can relate to, especially if you don’t have any knowledge or background on mental health. It’s easier to connect with people by discussing topics that we can all relate to. This is especially important because of the existing mental health stigma that prevents many people from seeking the care they desperately need. If Dr. Alexander can touch one person who is affected by mental health stigma, then it’s a win.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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