Dr. Alexander’s DSMReady Podcast

The Stabbing Pain of Insecurities Dr. Alexander's DSMReady

Your insecurities do not manifest from outside sources. Outside forces have an impact on how you feel every single day, but it always comes down to you on how to handle the effects of outside forces and cleaning up your insecurities before they become worse. Rather than blaming others for how you’re feeling, take action into your own hands by managing your insecurities through different vehicles, such as exercising, mindfulness, therapy or talking to a close friend or family member. You are the master of your mind. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/doctoralexander/support
  1. The Stabbing Pain of Insecurities
  2. Negativity is Contagious
  3. Opening Up About Your Mental Health Symptoms
  4. Exercising For Your Mental Health
  5. Social Media Toxicity
  6. Psychiatric Labeling
  7. Analyzing Your Life
  8. Manipulating Your Mental Health
  9. Experiencing Panic Attacks
  10. Thankful State of Mind

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