Sad Sunset

When The Sun Sets, The Sadness Rises

Couple more hours ’till 7 pm . . . the sun approaches 5 pm and your sadness is thriving. You scratch your head wondering why this repeats year after year. It’s because it’s normal to not enjoy darkness; it makes the day feel shorter. Shorter means less fun. Less fun means more isolation. More isolation means you feel sad. Feeling sad means you’re in a rotten state of mind again. And the pattern continues down the rabbit hole.

The key is to learn to stay positive regardless of your environment. You don’t have control over what happens around you, but you have control over your mind. It’s when you lose control over your mind that you become most susceptible to outside forces. And when this happens . . . well, you become an easy target.

Keep a positive mindset handy at all times.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

3 Replies to “Sad Sunset”

  1. They say that our strongest muscle and worst enemy is the mind, and because of that… we need to train it well.

    My mind is not well trained, and is probably like one of those little yappy-type dogs…

    Sometimes the only thing someone like me can do is either slow it down with meds or distract it.

    I do like what you write though.

    For me personally, SAD is yet another disorder that decides to come join the party along with the rest of my disorders, at this time of year.

    And my brain just says now….: “yeah whatever…the more the merrier!!!”

    Any positive thoughts get squashed into oblivion, and we go straight to sarcasm, apathy and dark humour!

    Ya know that bit on Crocodile Dundee where he looks at that guy with a tiny knife and says: “that’s notta knife, THIS is a knife”….?!


    The darkness is not all bad. You just have to embrace it. Get all cozy with it.

    Afterall how would we appreciate the beauty of the stars if it wasn’t for the darkness?

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