Embrace Sadness

See Where Sadness Takes You

Don’t fret it. Don’t hide it. Don’t bury it. See where it takes you. See what it makes you feel. See what thoughts it brings to the surface. We all tend to shy away for sadness. We all tend to use the unconscious, immature defense mechanism known as denial. We all tend to carry on like sadness is “not me.” But it is you! It is us! There are times when sadness becomes prevalent and we have to stare it in the eye and tell it, “You’re back . . . what are you going to teach me this time?”

Sadness is not something that should bring you embarrassment; it happens for a reason. Your job is to find out that reason and learn from it. If you suppress your sadness, do you think that it’ll go away? Maybe only temporarily. Suppression means that you are consciously moving a negative emotion or thought into your unconscious and no longer dealing with it in the present moment. But one day, it’ll come back out and you’ll have to encounter it once more.

So why deal with suppressed sadness at a future date when you can just deal with it today? Don’t shy away. Sadness is here to teach you a lesson; learn from it!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


9 Replies to “Embrace Sadness”

  1. True. I often have overwhelming sadness and a feeling of emptiness.
    There are many ways to let this out.
    Sometimes listening to sad music will make me cry more, and one might think, surely you would listen to happy songs, but no, because the sad songs, usually classical, absolutely get me and how I feel at that time.

    It gets all the sadness I feel out, and a lot of it is buried pain from my past. A lot of it can be like grieving pain. But the more it stays inside you then it just builds, and as you say it does come back.

    This is one of the sad songs I always listen to. It’s beautiful, and it feels like my life:

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  2. Sorry I tried to send a link to it but it didn’t seem to send. …
    The song was: Monograph by JohannesBornlof


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