Leeches Swarm Us From All Angles

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Leeches are people who sponge off of you and do not offer much in return. For instance, they request to borrow money but do not pay you the correct amount back in time, or they offer to help you with a project and demand recognition for their efforts, despite the fact that their help was not that great to begin with. You can tell when you are dealing with a leech by the way that they interact with you and others; they’re needy, obnoxious, demanding and “lose it” when things don’t go their way. It’s quite frustrating to witness because you wonder to yourself, “How do people have such great insecurities to the point of making a fool out of themselves?” But that’s not your problem to fix. What you need to do is to remain mature, cool, calm and collected and carry on.


Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


5 Replies to “Leeches Swarm Us From All Angles”

  1. How do people have such great insecurities to the point of making a fool out of themselves?”

    Most people have some insecurities of one kind or another, even you, I’m sure… but there are some, that due to either inherited genes, early learned behaviour, severe neglect, abuse, abandonment, trauma, etc… will have bigger and more pronounced insecurities.

    These insecurities would be further embedded into their psyche, (behavioural patterns and ways of thinking) and many do not even realise they are making a fool out of themselves. Some are not so self-aware.

    From their perspective, the world could seem very different. Perspective is very much the key.

    Many with personality disorders, such as myself, (BPD, cptsd, GAD, etc) see a world very much from a child’s perspective, at least emotionally speaking. That part of me due to neglect, trauma, and different types of abuse over many years, was stunted.

    I have not done the things you mentioned to start with, but I know at times I can seem very demanding, stubborn, and I hate to even admit it…yes childish. I can be selfish, insecure, needy, and even cruel. I am very all or nothing. Love/hate etc.

    However, is that the real me? No, it’s the illness within me. People who can separate the illness from the person (even though that may at times be difficult) will do better at dealing with such ones like myself.

    Behind anger and many types of maladaptive type behaviours there is usually a lot of pain and/or shame.

    Even “normal” people who are not disordered are not always in a wise and mature state of mind. So how much more likely will it be that the disordered will be?

    So just because everyone looks like an adult on the outside, as you no doubt are well aware, there are many that are not emotionally/mentally or psychologically developed. This often causes them to make a fool out of themselves.

    However, if you are trying to defeat stigma
    then perhaps it would not be good to call them “leeches”.

    These people, and I speak from my own experience and seeing it in others are often just either trying to protect themselves from often a perceived or real hurt/threat in some way, or they are just trying to survive.

    This does not give them an excuse to act like this of course. But some are still learning what many learnt when they were between the ages of 2-10.

    It takes time, and we are all a work in progress.

    Sorry for that very long comment!

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      1. Thank you, although sorry it was so long. I just followed you again. So you may well get some other comments… πŸ˜‰


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