Why Do People Use Drugs

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Because it helps them to escape reality. It turns your world into a 3D-enhanced virtual reality room, allowing you to play with the controls as you wish, regardless of the consequences. Users lose interest in normality and forget that they also have responsibilities that cannot be sacrificed for pleasure, especially responsibilities to themselves and others around them. Drugs swallow some up like a black hole, while others can swiftly swim in the nearby space, without any problems returning back to reality and to their responsibilities.

What is your take on drug use and is society headed towards full-blown legalization of all drugs in 50+ years?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


9 Replies to “Why Do People Use Drugs”

  1. In psychodynamic psychotherapy, we call it “substitute satisfaction” to what is actually needed. Since the realities of some of these needs are painful emotionally, they turn to something they think can alleviate such pain and yes, helps to escape reality. I knew this not only by fact but also with experience. I had tried it a few times before and it has given me so much understanding why people turns to it. However, if not controlled that is when it becomes an addiction.

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