Being Honest

Honesty – In all Shapes, Forms and Sizes

Think back to when you were five years old and the way you viewed the world. If you were raised in a good family, then you can relate to the fact that almost everything around you was based on the idea of having fun. At that age, you didn’t have responsibilities, expectations, work or pressure. You just lived your life having fun. As you grew older, you learned the importance of being honest with yourself and others.

You discovered how the world is not a cute, fun place where everything goes your way. You realized that the world is a big playground full of bullies who tempt you to sin. For a moment, you even considered putting honesty aside as you saw no positive results from it. Through honesty, you learned that others take advantage of you and you end up getting hurt. You learned that your good intentions were not always respected.

Not everyone has had a negative experience with honesty but almost everyone can agree that honesty is important. Being honest prevents you from feeling corrupt and allows you to feel good about yourself. Even if you don’t always get the results you want, you’re at least doing the right thing. Don’t connect honesty with winning because they aren’t always in the same boat.

Being honest - white angel wings in front of rainbow heart

You Will Not Always Win While Being Honest

Some people win by lying but that doesn’t make them winners in many peoples’ eyes. Trust me when I say that they don’t feel good about themselves when they are winning and lying. Maybe in the moment, they enjoy the high of winning, but their sins are chipping away at their soul. Is it more important to you to wake up being successful but also corrupt, or wake up with less success and feeling like an angel?

The angel route is the one of growth which often leads to success. This route might take longer than the shortcuts provided by lies and deceit, but it’s worth it in the end. Remember that life is not a race but a marathon; it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to reach your desired level of success. As long as you are aiming for success in an honest way and with pure intentions, you will be in good hands. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of sin and temptation and much more difficult to get out of it. Take your time by living an honest life even if you don’t see immediate results.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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