Stay in Shape

Positive Affirmation – Staying in Shape

“I am physically fit because I put in the effort every day to maintain a great body by exercising and eating healthy. I enjoy to exercise because it makes me feel good about myself, including my mental health. Exercising makes me look more physically attractive and people notice how fit I am. I feel great waking up in the morning knowing that I exercised yesterday and that I have more motivation to exercise today. The more that I exercise, the more motivation and desire I harness to keep pushing forward. I stay in shape because it makes me feel happy!”

Stay in shape because you want to; not because society expects you to. You feel good when you put in the work; fatigue does not bring you down. You enjoy working hard, sweating and getting tired. When you exercise, your mind becomes stronger and you become happier. People start to notice your results which further propels you to keep exercising. Your body improves and you feel more confident. People notice your improved confidence and become more attracted to you. Exercising brings you happiness, confidence and an improved physical health.

Stay in shape - white woman doing leg presses in gym

Exercise for Your Mental Health

Exercising helps you to overcome your sadness. When you feel depressed, working out helps your mental health. Exercising is a distraction from negative thoughts that accompany depression. Rather than focusing on feeling worthless, you devote your energy to breaking down your muscles to become stronger. You transmute your negative thoughts into physical energy. Your mind becomes distracted and focused on exercising; it has no room for depression. With constant repetition, you overcome your depression and become mentally sturdier. Your mental health benefits just as much as your physical health when you stay in shape.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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