Being a Good Athlete

Positive Affirmation – Improving Your Athleticism

“I am a great athlete because I have what it takes to work out longer, run father, lift more and compete at a higher level. Even if I’m not naturally athletic, I am improving every day because I have the will, determination and drive to keep improving. I no longer give up when I lack strength and I no longer give in to others when they put me down. I am capable of doing extraordinary things and one of these things is being a good athlete. Being a good athlete is no easy task, but when I put my mind to it, I experience the impressive results.

I wake up every day believing that I will make it a productive day. My athleticism relies on my motivation to improve. Without motivation, I fall behind in the race and others pass me. When I fall behind, I become sad and less motivated to keep trying. Motivation is key to becoming a great athlete. Motivation is the building block behind my success as an athlete. Sometimes things come up and my motivation takes a hit. It’s okay when this happens; I take the day off and restart tomorrow.

Being a good athlete - white women practicing archery

Being a Good Athlete Requires Belief

It’s not enough to be motivated to succeed. Motivation without belief is like having money but with nothing good to spend it on. Coaches, friends and family can encourage and motivate me, but only I can find that inner belief to become a good athlete. When stepping on the tennis or basketball court or soccer field, I have to muster up that belief that I will play well. The more I capitalize on my previous success, the more my belief will increase. Belief is the fuel that will drive me to becoming an excellent athlete.

Don’t ever give up when you experience a series of losses. Losses are teaching points that help build my character and inner strength. A loss in athletics is like doing poorly on an exam at school; I feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. But giving up is the wrong attitude. Giving up is the easy way out of failures. Failures are not meant to discourage me; they’re meant to get me to reanalyze my game and to come back running harder. And this is where belief comes into play: if I believe that I will recover from my failures and improve even more, the sky will become the limit.”

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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