When COVID Meets Mental Health


COVID And Crack

The coronavirus has no brain, heart or emotions; imagine a rocket-proof tank endlessly plowing through society destroying everything in its path. COVID is like an unleashed demon who is smiling 24/7 as it continuously kills humans during the day and night. But when COVID encounters mental health, it stops for a second and thinks to itself, “You know what . . . this sounds and looks interesting!”

Mental health patients who suffer from depression, psychosis or addiction are very vulnerable to acquiring the coronavirus. This is because these patients’ judgment are impaired to begin with, especially if they are under-medicated or noncompliant with their medications. COVID senses this and has fun not only torturing their mind but their body as well.

Drug addicts do not care if public enemy number one is the coronavirus; drugs have already hijacked their brain. They will literally go missing from their nursing home somewhere in Queens, NY and make their way to Manhattan only to end up at a crack house. They may even develop a cough or shortness of breath while they continue to inhale from their crack pipe, but they can care less; the high always saves the day.

Until their physical symptoms worsen. Not only are they addicts, but they’re also likely suffering from another mental illness such as schizoaffective disorder or depression. When the virus begins to destroy their body, their mental health also declines, reinforcing the effect of the high provided by the drugs as compensation.

So what COVID does all along is stir up a crackpot full of physical, mental and spiritual symptoms. Did we mention that these folks are often homeless as well? At this point, they either succumb to their fate which is often death in the streets or they luckily end up in a hospital. In the hospital, some will malinger in order to prolong their stay while others will quickly return back to the streets to chase the dragon; in this case, there’s already a Chinese dragon destroying humanity.

When COVID meets mental health? Consider it a potential recipe for disaster.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


4 Replies to “When COVID Meets Mental Health”

  1. Yeah you nailed it on the head there coronavirus does not prevent me from getting drugs and alcohol, although I am cautious while out via sanitizer plus washing hands and keeping people far away from me.

    Actually in all reality it makes getting drugs and alcohol less hectic for me for those reasons because I dislike having people around me usually let alone allot of them.

    So now it’s refreshing, I just go out get whatever I need come back home and drink and/or get high on the computer, perfect life for me almost.

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      1. Marijuanna and Alcohol mainly due to costs availability.

        While I was in new Brunswick it was speed (methemphatimnes) mainly because speed helped dry the fluid in my lungs alongside ease my social anxiety plus depression while giving off a fun high at the same time.

        Now in Toronto these days they have little to no speed and those that do charge so much for it compared to NB where it was only $1.50- $2.50 per pill.

        So I do Cocaine 2-3 times a month only due to it being pricey which is for the same reasons, clears my lungs, relieves my anxiety and helps me sit still away from writing plus drinking and smoking, those I call my vacation days.

        Otherwise I just drink and smoke weed daily while writing/creating which the alcohol does the same in terms of drying my lungs, easing my anxiety alongside fueling my desire to actually do more hence the writing/creating daily plus commenting.

        Now weed does the same except it bad for my lungs like the cigarettes but those also keep my criminal urges in check plus any urges which will result in revenge or hurting anyone for revenge reasons which is another big reason why I always must remain intoxicated on somthing.

        The way my life experience through society, family and growing up in general was for me was a nightmare that created a demon inside me who is hell bent on making them all pay dearly which is something I have to control daily.

        So once again the intoxication help get rid of all those urges while focusing on writing/creating and alternate life with alternate people who might then cause all those urges to lower in me allowing me to not have to basically semisedate myself constantly.

        Which then ties into where I live and people never leaving me alone as if they want me to stab them to end up in jail because then they get to cheat me out of the house and will I receive here once my grandma passes away who defends me despite my issues simply because despite it all I am still able to take care of her properly because I do not actually get intoxicate/high to a point where I cannot function since that’s not why I do any of that stuff.

        I do them all just to basically feel normal away from all the things I explained above which then music and drowning out the others living here who are in a feud with me due to once wanting to cheat the house from me because I want to keep it and live here for the rest of my days since it’s paid off but they want to sell it because it’s worth $1.3 million which is money they want for themselves and hate me that she put me as owner in the will instead of them.

        So then that fucks with my emotions plus urges which leads into more need for drugs and alcohol just to remain calm plus staying out of trouble in the sense of just staying away and not communicating with them much due to them constantly saying/doing things which create triggers causing me to want to fight back so that once again they could trick me into snapping which would result in jail.

        Now I have tried pharmaceuticals in the past through my doctor but unlike the street drugs they turned me into a zombie while not having any enjoyable high at the same time as eases my issues which is why I began turning to street drugs for my reliefs alongside marijuana plus alcohol.

        Which ties into why I emailed big pharma and suggested taking their medicines and making them a bit funner if possible.

        If I could take say ritelin to cure whatever plus feel a nice happy high?

        I would go for that instead of Cocaine or whatever since that happy high helps just make life more bearable, positive plus I am more fun and entertaining as well which is somthing pills like ritelin killed inside me while on them for a few years many years ago which I had to rebuild within myself after getting off those pills.

        Basically I am completely broken in a sense while in a metaphorical ditch while still being attacked due to the will and the house that they crave.

        I have told government and cops but all they offer is move in which case I clearly cannot afford to do so plus would lose my name off the house since they would just brainwash grandma at that point to cause her to remove me for not being around after they fill her head with more lies without me setting the record straight constantly which is one of many issues I deal with here.

        Hence why if I were to leave it would be in a situation or with someone where I would still be taken care of in life so that I do not have to hang on to this house like some final lifeline in terms of future survival.

        Since I cannot work a normal job obviously so due to the house being paid off I could afford it on just my medical disability benefits…

        Hence why when people ask me why is my view of the world so dark?

        Well when you have family like I do?

        How can you expect others to be kinder when your own blood wants you dead or jail over a house that’s worth 1.3 million?

        In my mind it should be the other way around, the outside world should be like the snakes in my family instead of my actual family which just that thoughtalone is an emotional mind fuck which just fuels all the other issues and desires for pain and mental health relief.

        This place right now has the perfect storm brewing for a disaster to happen and all society can do is just watch and wait for it to happen before they can act which I find is major problem in general with society.

        We should be preventing possible massacres not being powerless until they happen.

        Anyways I could go on forever because that is not even the tip of the iceberg yet so I will step here before you end up reading a book.

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