She Has The Cure For The Coronavirus

Insanely Delusional

There are some patients who have been experiencing psychosis way before the coronavirus hit; we’re talking months to years. Their current psychosis is nothing new to their family; they remember them exhibiting paranoia, delusions, bizarre behavior, disappearances and odd behavior from a very long time ago. But ever since the coronavirus hit, some of these patients have become extremely delusional.

One delusion that some of these patients hold is believing that they or their significant other has the cure for the coronavirus. No matter how much you gently challenge their delusions, they will look at you straight in the eye and tell you that you are the one who is insane, when all they want to do is go on the news and reveal their cure. But when you stare back at them with no good answer, they start to become agitated and claim that you are suicidal by not believing them!

It’s very intriguing how ill the human mind can get. Can you imagine becoming so delusional that you believe you have the cure for the coronavirus? Any question that you throw back at these patients such as, “What’s the proof? What’s the cure? Can you show or tell me about it?” and they refuse to engage in the conversation, firing back with a response such as, “I will not negotiate with you. I have to get on television to reveal the cure.”

What’s worse is that some of these patients are convinced that the coronavirus not only spreads through the air, but also through food and water; in other words, they believe all food and water is currently contaminated. Unfortunately, some of them start to refuse to eat and drink, destabilizing their electrolytes and putting a heavy strain on their bodies. What makes these patients very challenging is that what was originally a psychiatric issue has now also manifested itself into a medical issue.

And what’s even more psychiatrically challenging is that these patients do not believe that they have a mental illness; on the contrary, they believe that we are the ones who are “crazy” for not allowing them to reveal their cure for COVID-19. You think you have it bad because you are socially distanced at home? Imagine being psychotic and delusional like these patients!

The coronavirus has definitely worsened the mental health of many psychiatric patients. Some of these patients were previously stabilized on medications and have now decompensated, while some were psychotic prior to COVID-19 but have now become even more psychotic to the point of becoming psychiatrically admitted into an inpatient unit. This goes to show you how environmental events can easily affect the mental health of psychiatric patients.

How are you handling the coronavirus pandemic?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


7 Replies to “She Has The Cure For The Coronavirus”

  1. Well, let’s just say that Easter 2020 was the worst. The bar is set pretty low when you can’t even pay condolences for your 19 year old cousin who suddenly passed away. Nothing to do with COVID-19. Also, having the RCMPs at your place because of unrelated domestic dispute. This year sucks, and will always go down in history as a dishonorable mention.

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      1. Well, guessing the silver lining is that we may find peace now the tyrant is gone and that we finally have a restraining order. It was like playing Russian Roulette over the course of the last 10 years. Speaking of pain, I am still hurting from where he body slammed the fridge door into me because he didn’t like that he isn’t entitled to my alcohol. There was no good one Good Friday, learning of my cousin’s passing. He never came back, and sometimes there’s these superimposing flashbacks over the course, fibro flaires all over, major sleep disturbances. Well at least there is one less source of hurt, and the bar is pretty low when it comes to the openness to experience a more positive outlook. How can things get better?


      2. We can either allow outside forces to control our reality and happiness or can take charge and choose to be happy by changing your mindset. The power lies within you.


      3. Or change the situation so there are fewer factors to cognitively dissonance from. Granted, it is all easier said than done but it is infinitely better to be proactive towards anything than simply remaining helplessly reactive.
        It is painstakingly similar with how the world is treating this coronavirus; like a dog chasing their tail. It also goes to show how much we actually can change in this world if we take action. On other thoughts, if able to run with the idea of AI powered synthetic immunity – yes it remains a figment of sci-fi for now but that would be a proactive way to handle the situation rather than reactively developing specific treatments, maybe a system overhaul is in order.
        Removing the abuser full stop is a system change, and it is much easier to have a positive outlook in an environment that fosters a positive mindset.

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