Mentally Drained By The Coronavirus

Losing Patience

Another day passes by with no positive news to go to sleep with. We’re either isolated at home or going to work only to come back home to the same repetitive stories thrown at us by the media. At this point in time, our lives have changed for the worse; there is no debating it. The reality we once were accustomed to has completely vanished. We now are slowly starting to become mentally drained by the coronavirus.

It’s mentally draining to wake up every day and hear negative news on the media. They keep throwing numbers at us based on different models used by different organizations; it seems that no one model is consistent with another. They reported 240,000 deaths last week and now are saying, “may be less than originally reported.”

It’s mentally draining when every person you know is talking about the coronavirus; it’s like we have forgotten how to talk about other subjects. It’s been a couple of months now of talking about the coronavirus; how much longer are we going to keep mentioning it? The reality is that this may linger into the summer.

It’s mentally draining when your reality revolves around the coronavirus every single day. From the minute that you wake up to the second that you fall asleep, in some shape or form, this topic is on your mind. Can you imagine how disturbing this must be for psychiatric patients who constantly deal with internal battles?

It’s mentally draining when society continues to practice social distancing and you don’t see that many people on the streets. When you go to the grocery store nowadays, there are lines outside in order to prevent close proximity while shopping inside. The way people interact with you has also changed; they keep their distance when engaging with you like you’re somehow contaminated.

Losing patience in this situation is something that many of us are experiencing; you are not alone! How has your life been impacted by COVID-19?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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