Mind Stolen By Marijuana

Marijuana Turned Me Into A Schizophrenic

In the field of psychiatry, you see it all when it comes to mental illness and the various factors that contribute to it. Marijuana affecting mental health should be no surprise, despite the media not really talking much about it. Why is that? Because there’s an agenda to legalize it. I am not against legalization but it’s important that humanity is educated on the influence of marijuana on mental health.

Many teens and young adults have experienced their mind stolen by marijuana. What does this mean? Some of the stories you’ll hear is that they started smoking weed in high school and fell in love with it; their usage escalated beyond smoking joints on social occasions to smoking bowls multiple times a day by themselves at home.

Some of these patients identified as being introverted in high school to begin with. They are not afraid to admit that once they started using marijuana, they became more introverted, spending more time by themselves in isolation, lost in the internal world that marijuana dug out for them.

At some point in time, whether under the influence or not, they slowly began to feel different in regards to the way they thought and interpreted the world. Their families would clearly notice a change in behavior, eventually calling EMS to take them to the emergency room. Not all patients can pinpoint the details of the changes brought upon by marijuana.

But some of the changes noticed by family and friends is amotivation, apathy, odd beliefs, self-isolation and even responding to internal stimuli. What once was a fairly normal kid attending science class was now a socially awkward, disheveled kid who struggled to express himself; it’s very sad!

It’s not known whether the high concentration of THC in modern strains of marijuana causes schizophrenia or just helps accelerate it in predisposed individuals with a family history and genetic loading. Even if a user doesn’t become schizophrenic, transient psychosis is quite common with modern day strains; people either consume an edible or smoke too much and cannot handle the high for those 2-3 hours, eventually losing their mind in the process.

Some return back to reality after they come back down from the high and after receiving a dose of an antipsychotic, while some have permanently become schizophrenic. For those who have become schizophrenic, their lives have now entirely changed just because they chose to consume marijuana. It’s very important to find out if you have a family history of mental illness before you try marijuana.

As a psychiatrist, I want my patients to be as physically and mentally healthy as possible and this involves no consumption of marijuana or other drugs. Even drinking is dangerous and should be done in moderation! At the end of the day, education is important and remember that just because you’re witnessing legalization of marijuana in a lot of states and around the world, does not mean that it can’t harm your mental health!

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Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


14 Replies to “Mind Stolen By Marijuana”

  1. I must say there’s pros/cons with this.

    First, as a chronic back pain sufferer along with the anxiety that comes with it. I need my meds to function and survive period. However, I definitely believe that the government would love to have all or the majority of pain sufferers to buy it. It’s too expensive and doesn’t always work for some.

    On a personal and spiritual note, as unfortunate this pandemic is; I believe the ignorant are getting a wake up call.

    It was almost like a few months ago that opioids was an issue to either allow us sufferers to die or buy marijuana.

    Now, Covid19 is not discriminating no matter what. Those tucked in their homes are getting a small taste of anxiety. But, if they knew the different monsters that live with anxiety, they would be more compassionate and empathetic to the hurting.

    There’s a deep biblical meaning here and I’m not ready to put it out just yet. I predicted that there would be a shortage of doctors about 2 yrs ago and here we are.

    Trump announced that all medical students in their last year can begin to work and basically become official doctors.

    Stay safe and well.

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      1. I’ve seen marijuana work wonders for those that it works for in chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, seizures, etc. Montel Williams, Bill Gates and so many others. For me, it’s too strong and expensive even though it’s supposed to be a better holistic choice.

        Biblical meaning on what is going on relates to the pharaoh not letting God’s people freeze so first born would die which was a plague. So many recent injustices done like separating children from their parents at the border. There are still many not reunited with their families. Also, people have committed suicide over being in pain because their pain killer meds were taken away. The random school shootings that are truly a result of not giving these shooters the right medications for mental health. There are so many things God is pressing in my spirit. Bottomline, the hurting are not being taken care of as God intended. We in society must stop judging and become more aware of the ailments that affect people. We cannot stop taking care of the broken. We must focus on caring more for our fellow man. There’s more as it will get revealed.

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      2. But God gave power to Satan to rule this world. God does not interfere with free will unless we pray and ask him too. So all the evilness in the world should be of Satan’s work.


      3. There’s always prayer going on all over the World. I’ve interceded for years. Prayed in more than 12 tongues.

        I get what you’re saying as I grew up with that understanding. However, to me, God is omnipotent positive energy that can change any evil. He is and always will be on the thrown. He has the final say over evil.

        Someday, we’ll see angels flying around-maybe sooner than we think. They are real and not just humans doing good deeds.

        Long story short, I have more than 9 lives. God has spared me for a reason. Another book…

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      4. But if you read in the bible, God says that he’s not of this world. He doesn’t interfere with evil because he gave Satan control of Earth. He sent his Son as a sacrifice but only God knows the day and hour of his Son’s return for judgment day. Until then, we have to endure evilness. And there are only two deaths according to the bible, not 9 lives. The second death is if you are deemed to go to hell on judgment day.


      5. Not everything in the bible speaks to me. It’s not relative. God quickens spirits and speaks to us individually.

        The old testament has a reference to adultery in a marriage. It says whichever spouse cheats should be killed. Now, that is wrong right there. It doesn’t speak to me. God didn’t call us to kill but to forgive.
        I think it’s all about our Spiritual paths and beliefs.

        Be well and stay safe.πŸ˜πŸ™

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  2. Chronic pain has stolen my mind. It is cyclical in going through the feelings of it is not that bad, can ignore it to it being debilitating and causes one to go wild. I tried many therapies and got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Medical cannabis has become a game-changer with CBD rich strains being the focus. Currently am working with other routes of administration as smoking is invariably damaging to the lungs. Good read and thought provoking as always!

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  3. my family doesn’t have a history of mental illness i was the first mental illness in the family and i smoked weed and no one in the 20 years of mental health treatment i received ever told me to quit smoking weed they never even asked but i smoked weed and i think it’s mostly the reason i show symptoms of what people would call mental illness


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