Psychotic Juice Flowing Through Your Brain

Domestic Violence Sparked By Psychosis

Imagine waking up every day in the comforts of your home in a borderline psychotic state of mind, wondering if this will be another day that you will get in a fight with your alcoholic father who got deported 5 years ago, but is back in control of the family dynamics. Imagine your home environment revolving around domestic violence almost every day of your life and you don’t know who is to blame; is it the psychotic juice flowing through your brain or your father’s alcoholism?

There are people who do not appear psychotic but do suffer from psychosis based on their behavior and thought process. Some of these people will tell you that they don’t hear voices in their head and do not experience visual hallucinations, but they admit to thought insertion, “When my step-sister is in her room, sometimes I think she’s putting thoughts in my head.”

On top of that, imagine being involved with drugs such as marijuana, alcohol and Love Boat. When marijuana makes the psychosis worse, many of these people will switch to other drugs such as cocaine, heroin or even PCP. While PCP is associated with belligerent and violent behavior, some users will report that it calms them down, denying that it makes them violent.

So what diagnosis do these people carry? They don’t appear schizophrenic, they’re not always on drugs and they’re definitely not manic. It becomes a challenge to appropriately diagnose these patients: some differentials include psychosis not otherwise specified or substance-induced psychosis.

Regardless of their official diagnosis, many of these folks will refuse to take psychiatric medications, stating, “My family is the one who needs to take medications.” They externalize and never take blame; they don’t believe that they have a mental illness, but yet they admit to thought insertion. Usually a personality disorder is also at play, such as antisocial personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder.

You think coronavirus is bad? Pray that you don’t have psychotic juice flowing through your circle of willis.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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