First Day Of Spring

You Are Alive

With all the worrying and anxiety circulating in society, we can finally release our breath and welcome the first day of spring. Spared a tough winter due to climate change, we were instead hit with a deadly virus that is still cruising freely with no end in sight. But against this invisible enemy comes along the season of spring, a time where we can once again see life taking shape and form through nature.

Some of you may have lost your business, family or friends . . . some of you are depressed and do not see any hope for the future. While pain hurts and its length varies in time, you have a choice today to help change your mindset and view the world for the beautiful opportunities it does offer.

One of these opportunities is to enjoy the season of spring. During these months, trees begin to blossom again, flowers begin to flirt and animals begin to mate. Even dating is more fun during spring and going out with friends while daylight increases brings upon an exciting warm feeling of love.

The best part of spring is that you are still alive; you haven’t allowed the coronavirus to rob you of your soul. Is that not enough to be happy? Every single day, people show up to the emergency room with suicidal thoughts, homicidal intentions, auditory hallucinations or visions of things that do not exist; their mental health swings back and forth like a pendulum.

But that’s not you! Instead, you are going to open your arms wide open and accept the beauty of spring; allow it to hug you while the sun shines on your innocent face. Put aside the negativity of the coronavirus and keep a positive mind above your shoulders. Do not ever forget the point of life: to be happy while making the most out of it.

Spring brings upon good spirits! Are you ready to partake?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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