Coronavirus Madness

Corona In The Air

Many people are showing up to the emergency room despite a nationwide recommendation to self-quarantine; not for coronavirus symptoms per say, but from anxiety due to the coronavirus. For many in society, this whole scare of quarantining, evacuating college dormitories and working from home is affecting their mental health. It’s not every day that we go through this; in fact, it’s not every decade that we go through this. Coronavirus madness is here.

Patients are showing up to the emergency room with rhinorrhea, cough and chills and are worried that they’ve caught the coronavirus. They forget that during these months, they can still catch other illnesses such as the cold or the flu. But combine physical symptoms with the scare portrayed by CNN and Fox News, and you have people who just can’t handle the situation.

Believe it or not, this situation is very stressful for many, especially when they have symptoms of the cold. The fear of actually having the coronavirus puts them on the verge of experiencing suicidal ideations; they believe that their “body is shutting down,” so they rather be dead by taking matters in their own hands, rather than dying as portrayed on television.

Many mental health patients were previously stabilized before the whole coronavirus pandemic: they were taking their medications and experiencing minimal psychiatric symptoms. But when the pandemic hit, their past symptoms came back to life: they’ve become negativistic, withdrawn and taking about 30-60 seconds to respond to a question; they’ve even become catatonic!

Do not underestimate the power that a viral pandemic can have on the mental health of society. Many mentally crack when they hear all the negative news on television; the fear overwhelms them and worsens their mental health. Some are perfectly healthy and have no signs of being sick, but their mental health drops greatly from their baseline just from hearing about the coronavirus pandemic.

Corona is in the air and it can infect your mental health! Make sure that you are surrounded by positive people and always share your feelings and worries with others.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


7 Replies to “Coronavirus Madness”

  1. I agree that the panic and anxiety caused from all the hype is putting the masses mindsets into a type of hysteria. The media blows everything out of proportion which causes more problems. This country has experienced worse situations throughout its history. Goes to show the state of the people’s minds in our society. Hopefully this can wake people up and lessons can be learned.

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  2. Many people fear death due to lack of knowledge alongside having loved ones they rather not leave behind in many other cases.

    In my case I know I always come back to just end up being me all over again and all my loved ones are in good financially stable hands, so whether I die today or in 31 years?

    Makes no difference to me since I just come back to continue where I left off.

    Like being deleted from Facebook only to return on Twitter only to be banned off Twitter only to return again on WordPress.

    The point is that in other cases where you are not directly a guardian over children or whatever along those lines?

    When it comes to death there is nothing to fear, death is just a clean slate before returning to try again type of thing, hence why I can trace my birth line all the way back through many books, articles and generations of races in general.

    Hence why I keep stressing to humanity that it’s better to create a better life for all here than expecting heaven after death, there is no heaven or hell after death, they blew up into what is now known as the universe.

    So to fall into “heaven” after death is to return to Earth into good parents and good society plus planet in general, otherwise?

    Many will keep being dropped into whatever life as we have going on right now where it sucks to be born 3rd class and awesome to be born 1st class in all nations type of reality.

    Anyways enjoy being conscious forever through dreams and after life’s otherwise.

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    1. It depends on people’s beliefs. The most popular religion as proven by stats is Christianity: we believe that you have to love God with all you mind and heart and accept Christ as your Lord and Savior and you will make it to heaven. Remember that God says in the bible, “I Am not of this world.”

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      1. Belief and Truth are two very different realities.

        Many people believe whatever but I know what the King of Poland actually offers.

        Heaven on Earth through unity, otherwise King Jesus would have never returned to fix the glitch of their being no heaven/hell after death.

        Like the deciples before, a handful of us were retrained first before being task to spread the word.

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      2. He returned to sacrifice himself as the only Son of God for humanities sin. He expects that we don’t live for this world but for him. Many who are first now will be last, and vice versa. But as long as you strive to be a good human and seek Christ and God with all your heart and mind, you shall be saved.

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