Jumping Off The Bridge

When Depression Blows Up In Your Face

Imagine suffering from depression since your adolescent years but never talking about it with anyone. Your culture considers mental illness to be a taboo and you view psychiatric medications as something that only “crazy people” take. So all that you’re left with is depressive feelings haunting you every day of your life, until you feel like jumping off the bridge.

This is how many people feel every day, especially those who don’t seek treatment. Some people do seek behavioral counseling but counseling is not always enough; as a matter of fact, it almost never is. The evidence in the literature demonstrates that both medications and therapy is the best treatment for depression; not one or the other.

The scary thing about depression is that you may have been suffering from it for years and believe that you have it under control, until it randomly blows up in your face. Depression can be like COVID-19: it can unexpectedly strike at anytime. One day you may be sad like you typically are and the next you are getting drunk and walking towards a bridge with the intention of jumping off.

Depression is not an illness to take lightly. It has the power to end your life whenever it feels like it. You may think that you have your depression under control, until it decides on a random day to try to kill you. Because you are already mentally weak from the illness, when it does decide to kill you, you may not have enough strength to stop it. That’s how many end up committing suicide and people wonder why they never saw it coming.

If you are experiencing depression, no matter how mild or severe, you need to seek treatment immediately! Do not wait until you end up in a CPEP to start seeking treatment. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Just like the coronavirus is infecting people all around the world, the same applies with depression.

Take your mental health seriously.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


5 Replies to “Jumping Off The Bridge”

  1. I find depression allot like surfing and the sea of darkness comes in waves so you basically have to learn to tell the sign and no that each wave always passes.

    I’ve been fighting depression for over 15 years now and it seems to play out the same way constantly, it goes up, then it goes down, then it goes up, and down, then really up, then crashes down and so on and so forth.

    Some simply have it more or less severe than others in which case more drastic measures are needed but it’s still the same form of chemical waves in the mind.

    The point is that people with depression past a certain point of severity should just be granted enough to coast through their lives to see what happens.

    Many say the old world was hard but it was actually quite simple psychologically than it is for us now.

    Before it was grow or die, kill or be killed, steal or be stolen from, simple mechanics…

    Now you have bills, jobs, schools, maxim magazines, rules, regulations etc in abundance to the point that so many are going through life minimally or maximally stressed all the time.

    And just like any building people can only handle so much before their psychological walls come crashing down and then they are basically broken for life.

    Unless of course things change down the road during the recovery of just being given enough to live out of boredom or whatever.

    The point is depression never ends we simply find ways to manage our imbalance when they happen like I do through here on WordPress.

    It acts like my counter balance basically, like a cassette tape where I am one wheel and the screen is the other so we balance my brain chemicals that way through I guess telecreen radioactive wifi wave treatment or something, whatever the fancy word for it would be.

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      1. I have worse than bipolar, I have jekyll and hyde complex, like litterally.

        I switch into a completly different person all the time at irregular intervals.

        Meaning it happens at times regardless of what I do or experience that day.

        Like three days ago I was talking to someone after having a really good day and I told them I could feel “the switch” happening which is what I call it.

        Anyways surley enough not even one our later other me was and in full motion in my personality, luckily online since I was able to pinpoint and catch myself again.

        Which has been one of my main quests in all this, to prove to people that there is a darker me in me who loves to sabatoge my life everytime I try to get ahead.

        So since I have been basically living online while expressing and tracking my thoughts and emotions.

        I caught inner me coming out many times in clear display for whoever that doubts me to see for themselves.

        One of those you don’t believe it till you see it let alone experience it for yourself situations.

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      2. Yes that’s the one, thank you.

        I used to use the song oops I did it again to remember but then I forgot the song.


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