We Will Defeat The Coronavirus

Together We Can

As the world sadly observes the tragic spread of the coronavirus and as WHO officials declare the situation a pandemic, we sit around wondering what awaits us. Some of us are asking ourselves, “Is this the end of times?” The reality is that things will only get better from here on. We might continue to experience a rise in infections in the short term, but the virus has officially spread throughout the world; it has no where else to go. We will defeat the coronavirus.

As most people know, DSM focuses most of its energy on mental health matters. While the coronavirus is a physical illness, the stress and mental burden that it has brought upon this world is beyond imaginable. A lot of us might think to ourselves, “Doesn’t affect me. I’m good!” But it’s easy to think like that when you don’t have a loved one who is infected or worse, passed away from the virus.

We have to remind ourselves to not joke about such matters because even if it doesn’t affect us, it affects someone else out there. Oftentimes, mental health issues can prove to be much more impactful on one’s life than a physical illness. If you’re not happy or are extremely stressed, it becomes difficult to wake up every day and lead a prosperous life.

The importance of staying positive during a pandemic cannot be emphasized enough. It’s very easy to lose our cool during this tragic time, causing us to make poor and impulsive decisions. Remember that this viral war is not just a physical one, but a mental one as well. Whenever a pandemic is born, so are mental health issues around the world.

We will defeat the coronavirus over time! But we must remain supportive and not fight against each other. Maybe this coronavirus scare is meant to bring humanity closer to each other. Oftentimes, it’s through terrifying events that humanity adopts a more respectful and loving view towards each other. Unfortunately, because we are stubborn, we have to experience some pain in order for us to improve.

But together we can and we will.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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