There’s A War On Your Mind

Coronavirus Pandemic Attack

While the coronavirus continues to claim innocent lives all over the world and rob people of their good health, one thing that we must keep in mind is the destruction in mental health that this virus is accomplishing. It’s very easy to forget about the importance of mental health when we have physical symptoms being talked about all over the news. There’s a war on your mind and this one is caused by a virus.

An epidemic is when a disease is widespread in a small region, such as a state, territory or even a country. A pandemic is when the disease is affecting the entire world. Not only has this virus caused a pandemic in terms of physical illness, but mental health as well. This virus is causing chaos in societies all over the world.

This virus attacks our mental health much differently than mental illnesses do. While mental illnesses actually cause neurochemical imbalances in our brains, this virus wreaks havoc through fear, panic and anxiety. A small group of people may not be mentally affected, but when you have regions of the world that are impacted by the virus, it starts to take a toll on the mental health of humanity.

When panic ensues, poor decisions are made, people become quarantined, businesses fall apart and global economies crash. If the virus does not stop its reign, it can lead to even worse scenarios such as violence in the streets, robberies, terrorism and extreme panic. Extreme panic of the masses can lead to a global catastrophe.

During times as these, it’s important to remain calm and carry on without giving the situation too much thought. There’s a good chance that you may be exposed to the virus, but this does not mean that you’ll become symptomatic. You’ve been sick before and you’ll be sick again in the future; don’t allow a virus to get to your head.

Riding this rollercoaster with a stable head on your shoulders is key to getting through this global scare. This virus will not go on forever.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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