16 reasons why you should meditate regularly β€” Creating a Better Future

Meditation is not a new concept, with the earliest records of the practice dating back to 3000 BC. Meditation is a practice that has been used by humans for thousands of years and is used by a variety of people today, including business owners and health professionals. As a practice that has been around forΒ […]

16 reasons why you should meditate regularly β€” Creating a Better Future

6 Replies to “16 reasons why you should meditate regularly β€” Creating a Better Future”

  1. I always find these concepts quite fascinating and mind opening. So much so, that it is basically all I can think of, which draws significance as my thoughts resemble a stampede. I do know people who seem to carry out their daily activities in a form of meditation. There are certain people who seem to have a certain energy about them that says these peple have so much peace and love in their lives, they radiate these feelings by the way they conduct themselves, and the way they make you feel. Being around it is surreal as you can feel all the benefits, by simply interacting or simply enjoying the company of someone in a meditative state. I even knew someone that even maintained some level of meditative state during crisis. To these people, they have seemed to recognize that the flight, fight or freeze response being of little benefit in today’s society and have seemed to move along with these mechanisms are ether extremely stunted in the development, if even noticed at all. These people are so cool, calm and collected that they maintain faculties even during times of duress. Imagine, being able to think clearly and make rational decisions and act fast… Imagine the sense that it seemingly slows the perception of real time – as if in slow motion. It truly is surreal to have swift thoughts and action as though it was a reflex. It is the utmost contrast to anxiety as most of the day is spent in this primordial state, as if always chased by a lion.

    The surreal part is, as the anxiety is my status quo, being in a meditative state was both foreign and familliar. I am so used to being in a state of panic, that I lose sense of what peace feels like. Though, there are moments of total calm, where there should be panic. As an inverse, panic to me during that time was foreign and hyper vigilance and careful attention to detail as that is the best course of handling difficult situations. In fact, I had the outlook that it does more harm than good because it is obsolete in the modern world. For example, correcting a fishtail after hitting a patch of black ice in freezing rain/sleet, I was not going very fast in fact, highways were basically school zone speeds if they were not closed. My mother was thinking we were going to get into a head on collision, and it still happened quite fast but it felt like it was slower, my thoughts were the actions and I made careful maneuvers to avoid the ditch and other fishtails as well. Meditation is so powerful, it is the closest thing to reaching the divine; as it goes beyond the superficial and at least in my opinion, fear and confusion cannot exist in its presence.

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    1. Nicely said. In my opinion, the closest thing to reaching the divine is praying to God. But meditation is certainly a tool to relax the mind and soul and detach from the environment.


  2. Got to take care of all aspects of your health. Meditation and pranayama are good tools to use towards a better overall wellbeing. In a book I have read awhile back said if you can find a minute to smoke a cigarette, watch tv or eat junk food then you can find a minute to meditate each day. Of course, that goes with all aspects of health. Hack away at the unessentials to make room for the essentials.

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