Condescending People Running Around

Tormented On The Inside, Superficially Happy On The Out

There’s just too many of them; you will never escape them. They roam this world proudly sticking their chins up and chests out; their arrogance is wisely disguised. They know how to conceal their true emotions, but it sneaks down their face and trumpets out their mouths in well-disguised ways. Condescending people are running around and we can’t stop them.

Nor should we want to stop them. What do we stand to gain by calling them out on their snobbish behavior? Would it make us feel any better? It’s not like their behavior would change; if anything, they would look more down upon us than originally intended. The solution is never to counterstrike with the same shots that they use against you.

Keep in mind that condescending people are tormented on the inside, whether on an unconscious or conscious level. How so? Anyone that thinks that they are better than you does not have peace in their heart. For instance, Jesus was born as the Son of God during his time on Earth. Did he walk around putting people down despite holding the ultimate glory? He did not because he had peace in his heart.

Condescending people do not have peace in their hearts; otherwise, they wouldn’t be snobbish in the first place. Someone who has peace in their heart can be the richest person in the world, yet still act humble, nice and enjoy laughs with the masses. Once you understand this concept, then the solution to dealing with condescending people will make sense to you.

What is the solution? Treat them nicely as if you are not affected by their behavior. Even if you feel pain on the inside, continue to treat them nicely. When you do this, this causes them to burn with fury on the inside, in addition to their superficial happiness portrayed on the out. You don’t fight fire with fire; you utilize water at all costs.

You are the water and they are the fire. Who always wins in the end despite a vicious battle from time to time?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


5 Replies to “Condescending People Running Around”

  1. That last quote is a good one.

    When dealing with difficult folk you can be words written in rock, sand or water. Words written in rock will stick around for a long time. Words written in sand will stick for a little while but eventually disappear due to the wind or water. Words written in water doesn’t even stick and flows away from you.

    It’s up to you whether you are rock, sand or water.

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