Our Brain Is Like A Television

Tuning Into Different Channels

Our brain is a receiver of information; it scans the environment to retrieve everything that it detects with the senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Some would go as far to say that we also have a sixth sense. This sixth sense is a different channel that we are all capable of tuning into; we just have to learn how to tap into the parallel universe that it belongs to.

Tuning into different channels is not something that we live our lives thinking about. Usually, mystics, those who practice meditation and users of psychedelic drugs are interested in tapping into different states of consciousness. These different states of consciousness are the different channels that our brain can switch on for us to enjoy.

But how do we tap into these channels and why is it so difficult? It’s believed that we weren’t designed to tap into these channels in the first place; our brain remains on the “normal channel” or what is perceived to be everyday reality. It’s also believed that parallel universes may exist and that humans only have access to them through certain tools.

The next question becomes, are we allowed to access these parallel universes? If we are, then why didn’t God create us with the ability to do so naturally? We do we have to consume psychedelic drugs or meditate for years to tap into these different channels? Why isn’t it as easy as clicking a button on a remote?

If we had the answer, then we wouldn’t be sitting here entertaining the idea of altered states of consciousness. We don’t know if we’re allowed to tap into them; Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the forbidden tree and look what resulted from their actions! We live in a world of suffering.

But the answer to the original question is that we are capable of tapping into different channels for our pleasure. You can either take the long route of practicing meditation for years or the short route of consuming psychedelic drugs such as psilocybin, LSD or DMT. Either method will help you tap into altered states of consciousness.

Your brain is like a television. It’s your choice whether you want to upgrade your provider and get more channels or remain with the basics.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


9 Replies to “Our Brain Is Like A Television”

  1. Excellent post. Now you got me to expand this using my own knowledge and experience.

    I believe that some people have this natural ability, as some people very readily hypnotizable from a young age may fall into this category. I have been thinking about this and, in fact many answers may present themselves through meditation. I think exercising the ability to tune into altered conscious states is like exercising a muscle; that is our own permission to practice lies within yourself. I see meditation/altered states of consciousness as falling under the category of self-actualization. In order to allow yourself to reach this stage, all other needs below it must be met or else the mind is in a state of duress in order to meet these needs. If you practice, however and keep yourself in practice, you may notice that these states, at least from my own point of view is like a spectrum; a sort of volume rocker to tune out of one state and into another.

    Next up, I find the connection to Original Sin to be quite fascinating. Though, I find that there is no harm here in the quest for knowledge. Literally, I wouldn’t even have needed the snake to tempt me into indulging. The sheer fact that it is called the knowledge of good and evil and that I would’ve been created with such ellipsis for such new ideas. Though, I would go a step further and align the creation story to something more tangible: our own childhood. We are born in this world knowing nothing, yet is completely sheltered. As the child grows up, the realization that the world is much more expansive and much less nurturing. We gain self-awareness as well as desires beyond simply what is expected of us to survive.

    Our mind is like a simulator. It plays out scenarios as simulated varients of observable reality. That is, it can be anywhere from it being terrifying to blissful. That is just what it is to completely detatch from your own perceived sense of self. You connect with your surroundings as intimately as you would yourself. Each experience is different as it is a direct reflection of that conscious state done in real time.

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    1. Awesome explanation! Really enjoyable to read. One thing regarding the quest for knowledge: there is nothing wrong, but in the bible it says that logic does not get you closer to God (paraphrasing); it’s having Him in your heart and mind which does.


      1. Dr. Sinu, the reason knowledge brings us away from God is because we are able to explain the world around us. As a logical person, I suppose I was naturally a repellant. Blind faith will not work on a logical person as that person will naturally point out its fallacies. Before we understood how weather and solar patterns worked, the people prayed to the gods and made sacrifices in order to appease them and grant them an abundance in their harvest. It is also apparent that more educated countries tend to have better quality of life and tend to be peaceful while the most religious tends to have the opposite. This is not to say that religion is inherently harmful, as it most certainly can bring a sense of peace and hope. It is also extremely enjoyable to explore other beliefs that are different than my own. It is always enjoyable to appreciate different perspectives and to learn something new!

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      2. Agree for the most part, but blind faith is those who haven’t experienced the holy spirit. Once you experience it (and it cannot be explained in words because it’s divine), your life will transform and you will realize that God gave man the ability to use logic in order to think (but not to stray away from Him).


  2. This distracting world filled with consumerism, harmful items whether that be the food we eat or products we use, and yes in ways overconsumption of technology(don’t throw your phones at me :D) can inhibit our minds and brains to reach it’s full potential as well.

    Bringing life back to its simple and minimalistic form could be another way to help tap into other levels of consciousness. At least a step towards the right direction.

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