The Increasingly Poor Decisions We Make

I Am Not Okay With This

If someone looks you in the face and tells you that they don’t often make poor decisions, then count them in the lying club. We all make poor decisions whether we realize it or not. Obviously, it’s in your best interest to catch onto your poor decision-making and prevent future episodes. The increasingly poor decisions we make is most likely due to stress and societal pressure.

Stress contributes to poor decisions because it messes with our minds, especially when it’s uncontrolled. Remember that in the previous article, the most important factor that was touched upon in regards to combating stress is your mindset. Without a consistently positive mindset, stress balls will continue coming your way.

Societal pressure also contributes to the increasingly poor decisions we make on a weekly basis; some of you on a daily basis! Everyone has their own definition of societal pressure; what may be for me may not be for you. But overall, we can all agree that society is placing an emphasis on “how good you are:”

  • How much money do you make?
  • How good-looking are you?
  • How much education do you have?
  • Do you have an awesome social life?
  • Are you married and living it up?
  • Are you sending your children to an ivy league school?

Society is placing an emphasis on image and status; young people are especially affected by this. With all this pressure cooking up in the back of our minds, it’s no wonder why we slip and make poor decisions from time to time. We forget to stay on track and focus on what truly matters in life: being happy, healthy and not caring what others think.

And that’s how you should approach life from now on, if you’d like to avoid making poor decisions. Stop being distracted by what society expects from you, and start living your life on your terms; whatever makes you happy! When you start caring less about what others think of you, people will actually start caring more about you. It’s a paradoxical effect, but it makes perfect sense: others realize that you are doing you without caring and they’re attracted by that.

Regarding stress and societal pressure, tell yourself, “I am not okay with this” and start aiming to live your life on your terms.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


2 Replies to “The Increasingly Poor Decisions We Make”

  1. I heard a saying recently that reminds me of some of the content in this article:

    “What people think of me is their business not mine.”

    Us humans like to make everything so complicated. Simplify life, goals, etc and focus on your 4 walls can make problems less complicated as well as being able to accomplish goals more easier.

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