Dodging Stress Balls

Stress Management

To consistently dodge stress balls requires a strong and effective mindset which you can consistently live by. Stress balls are a metaphor for objects of stress that come bouncing at you with no particular pattern at play. We experience stress balls almost every day to various degrees; the small ones we often shake off, but the bigger ones tend to make a larger impact on our state of mind. That’s why stress management is important.

Even with an awesome lifestyle at play, it’s very difficult to dodge stress balls. That’s because stress is part of life, no matter how easy you have it. Even people who are rich and casually relaxing on their yachts experience stress. Stress balls spread around in society like the coronavirus infecting humanity.

The difference is that the coronavirus will eventually go away, but stress will always remain around, attempting to put you down. What is stress? It’s a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Sometimes no adverse circumstances are at play; we just become stressed because of unconscious conflicts stirring in the back of our mind.

So now that you agree that stress will always be around, how do we go about dealing with it? It always comes down to your mindset: are you an optimistic person who believes that the future will improve? Do you lean more toward the laid-back side of things, knowing how to avoid breakdowns, fights and arguments?

If yes to the above questions, then you already are in a great state of mind and fully-equipped to deal with everyday stress. But if you answered no, then you have some work ahead of you. Your mindset is the most important factor to defeating stress. That’s because stress acts like a virus, slowly infecting you and working overtime to replicate more stress balls within your system.

If your mindset (immune system) is not sturdy enough to defeat stress (virus), then it will bring you down over time. It’s not enough to exercise, eat healthy, have sex or even socialize. Your mindset is the most important determinant of your fight against stress. If you can consistently remain positive despite experiencing stress, then you will prevail.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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